Accel World (A sad excuse for anime) Review

September 9, 2012 in Accel World, Anime, General Reviews by facade

Many times I have found myself starting an anime and thinking ‘hey this show is great!’ but then it drags on… and on… and on….. until it just becomes boring, repetitive and flat out sucks. Well this is exactly what happened with this season’s Accel World.

Accel World deals with the  rare MMORPG/virtual reality genre and had a ‘unique’ protagonist. At the start, I couldn’t wait for the following week to see the next episode, everything was just new fresh and exciting, at episode 12 (the perfect time for a conclusion) I was starting to get a little tired of the characters and now.. episode 22 I’m sick and tired of pretty much everything. The VR game which is the foundation for the show makes no more logical sense at this point. The majority of the characters are overly shallow, fickle and just plain stupid.

The only character who is even remotely worth giving any credit to is Kuroyukihime. (Xtra pic @ bottom of post *wink*), while she has extremely bad taste in guys (ie. liking Haru), she is intelligent, levelheaded and popular (not blonde popular but… ‘irie’ popular) all while still maintaining a certain level of complexity. If they spent anywhere as much of an effort on the other characters as they did on her, I personally think the show would be much better than the compilation of sniveling, estrogen overdosed buffoons that we have currently.

For the unfortunate souls (like me) who are keeping up with this sh*tty excuse for a show, please explain to me why is it that dominance in a game has any effect on real life? If someone is blackmailing you how is beating them in a game going to fix it? And who would let the result of a life changing decision be chosen by the outcome of a virtual fight? There is a always an unlimited number of more simple ways to fix everything those guys in the show make such a big deal out of.

I’m sorry, but the directors didn’t think this through and as a result, what started as a great show ended up to be the biggest fail of this anime season.

While the overall animation as well as the fight/fast-paced scenes are great. It in no way makes up for the horrible ineffectiveness of the majority of the characters in bringing forth their roles. And being at episode 22 out of 24 in total I can bet my left kidney that the conclusion is going to be open ended and ridiculous (if it even has anything resembling an ending at all).

Plot                  5/10
Music                7/10
Artwork             8/10 (cool but overwhelmed by the overall suckiness)
Effectiveness     3/10
Conclusion        5/10 (bet my left kidney its gonna suck)

Overall           5/10

In the rare event you like this show… and I destroyed your day, instead of flaming my inbox here’s something to set your mind at ease.