AniRecs: A Brief History

AniRecs Anime Blog was created on August 27th 2011 as a brainchild of Façade. Its name stands as a shortened form of the words ‘Anime Recommendations’ as it seeks to give insight on not only the shows themselves but on all elements that make the anime world as it is today. Over time the number of authors gradually increased from one until it formed the team presented to you here. This page stands as a tribute to all those who have contributed to the development and progression of this blog, as well as for some well deserved recognition for the authors herein.

 (in chronological order):


Join Date : Forever (August 27th 2011)
Favorite anime: Death Note, Mushishi, Code Geass.
MAL : 

Omnipotent ruler and creator of this blog. He tends to rant a bit more than review but noone’s complaining and hey, someone has to pay for the server and do regular maintenance wink. Special thanks to @Belle for her constant lectures on his horrible grammar.

Just your average otaku with a passion for programming and classical music. Hope you enjoy my ramblings! – Façade


The Droid 

Join Date : September 21st 2011
Favorite anime: Mahoromatic, Ouran High School Host Club, Ninja Nonsense.
MAL: n/a 

Noted for his Short Run Series ‘The Droid’ is easily one of the best writers currently in the aniblog world. With his informal writing style and decades of experience with anime, he stands as one of the founding pillars of this blog.

‘He uses a brand of cynicism and diplomacy, his work is modulated and standard and you feel this composure about him. He does not abuse or overly deride outrightly, but over everything you get the sense that he is being critical/cynical of the not too praiseworthy aspects of his topic. His writing is observant, open and engaging. It is well thought out and draws the reader in. Yes it is a bit stern you may say because you get the sense of maturity from it, but it also seems not to offend or be overly boring and scholarly. It’s quite the intersting mix.’

“No not THAT Stephen King”

“It actually took me about 40 years to finally get an appreciation for anime, through numerous flirtations and false starts. Whether the stories matured or I did, I now follow it with some zeal.”

– The Droid



Join Date : April 18th 2012
Favorite anime:

‘Her writing is personal and energized. When reading her blogs you feel like you are picking the brain of a very open, frank and animated individual. She is very direct and forceful in her assertions and through her casual and all together laid back writing style, seeks to draw the readers’ attention to the more undervalued and/or underloved characters in anime series.’

The whole anime world is new to me but I am very much enjoying it 😀 – Paperfl0wers



Join Date : June 29th 2012
Favorite anime: AkiraRecord of Lodoss WarFull Metal Alchemist.

Our newest writer but has definitely left a strong first impression, look out for his posts to see what incredible reviews, rants and raves he has in store for us.


Special Mention to our Guest Bloggers:
While only the author of one or two posts here at AniRecs, their contribution(s) are, and always will be much appreciated. 

Tawnie – October 30th 2011
Favorite anime: Full Moon o SagashiteWallflowerToradora.

Bar0n – September 24th 2011
Favorite anime: Full Moon o SagashiteWallflowerToradora.


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  1. MickyC says:

    does anyone have any information on when the third code geass: boukoku no akito episode will be released or has the series been discontinued? cant find any info online!!

  2. Drizzt_ says:

    Hello, I just wanted to thank you for creating and maintaining this site. It has been very useful to me! Thanks for the good work!

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