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Update: We are quite content with our blogging team at this point, if you still wish to write for us you may still apply but we will only consider the most exceptional bloggers.


We at Anime Recommendations are currently looking for a few talented and passionate bloggers to help with the development and progression of this site. If you fit the requirements (below), are interested  and feel up to the task please contact us. After receiving your application you will be sent an conformation email within 24 hours and after it has been reviewed you will be contacted as to whether you are accepted or not.


1. Frequency and Eloquence – You are expected to write at least once every two weeks, if you are able to more (or less) than the bare minimum please indicate so when you contact us. You also need to have a decent level of writing and the ability to put ideas together in an exciting yet sensible manner

2. A sample – When you contact us it is imperative that you include a sample post so that we can gauge what you are capable of in terms of  creativity, style and overall writing skills. This must be in standard english and if you are accepted as an author it will be used as your very first Post.

3. Your Desired Niche –  Also in your contact form please include the area you would like to specialize in, be it episode summaries, reviews, anime news, manga etc.. This is important as to ensure we don’t have too many people doing the same thing and that if someone has the ability to add something completely new to this website that it be modified in turn to suit those needs

4. Your Contact Info–  Please relay to us both your email address where you wish to be contacted as well as your telephone number(optional). Although it is optional it would be great to have a little background on you as a person, where you live, favorite type of anime/manga.. etc


1. Well you get your very own (whatever you want)@infinityanime.com email address. YAYY!!! (include your desired email in your application.)

2. You are able to add your own flavor and be a part of something awesome >< .. without having to deal with buying a domain, getting a server, maintenance and all those other daunting tasks that come in the blogging world

3. Be a part of the team 🙂 you have no boss, no deadlines and can work at your own pace from anywhere.

4. Super Secret Other Perks ill come up with as soon as i think of them (or they can be suggested).


That is all, once again thank you for your interest and i wish for your continued support !


Contact Information

Please send your application to:



11 responses to “Want to write for us?”

  1. TSD says:

    Hello, my name TSD (The Secret Designer), and I’m a designer and blogger. Working with a group of friends from Ecuador, Mexico and Peru in an outreach project of a very interesting hobby: the cube craft! We design figures of anime, manga and comic and got on the internet so that more people know of this art and entertainment. The reason for my message is to ask them to help us promoting our work a little bit, maybe make a post, or writing a short note so that more and more friends join in this proposal healthy. We know that your room is visited by many readers and therefore lose nothing by asking you?

    Anyway, I leave the link to our humble blog:


    Pass around a bit, we’re trying to take off into the vast world of internet. We will be pleased to know any positive response from you.

    M email is: tsdcpt@gmail.com

    A hug!


  2. sado says:

    Hi, just send you an email about guest post submit, hope you can reply me.

  3. Doggmasterz says:


  4. julsca says:

    I wish I was well written as your team to write reviews. I just found your blog and read a few posts. I attempted at writing a blog anime review but I think I disclosed to much and made it a spoiler. However, seeing the way you go about in analyzing the anime’s I am inspired to try and continue but improve myself in summarizing.

    • Façade says:

      Thanks, they are indeed all pretty awesome.

      In relation to you writing reviews I definitely think you can do it, if you have a problem with revealing too much then you just need to mention that you have spoilers at the beginning of your content. many readers don’t mind spoilers and are just looking for an appropriate place to rant.

  5. Artic says:

    I’ve just sent you an email with my application and all, would be cool if i got some feedback

  6. Hi! I was just wondering if it is ok to do a guest post in exchange for a subtle link for http://plazajapan.com? Below is a link to an article that I have written that has a similar niche to you site.


    If you are cool with it, my email is mojo26magpie@gmail.com, I go by the name Kurt Darrell and I am the owner/ web master for Cannabis Twenty-Four Seven at http://420×247.com

  7. Mishaal says:

    can you exchange link for https://kissanime.world i will write for us article

  8. Top 10 facts about “Naruto” why he is amazing ever

    Naruto is passionate
    Naruto is a hero
    Naruto has great power
    Naruto never gives up
    Naruto is selfless
    Naruto can take criticism well
    He has many friends
    He has great leadership skills
    He’s the world’s biggest underdog
    Naruto does not have a cool power

    I have an outline and title for a guest post. Before I write an article I want to be sure that these points are helpful to you, can I write an article on this topic!

    I look forward to hearing from you…
    Please feel free to contact me.

    I appreciate your kind words,

    • The Droid says:

      First, I like your zeal and passion. That is always helpful in being a reviewer. Second, it’s just that everyone is aware of Naruto. It is considered one of the Big Three of Anime (I even wrote a review on that many years ago on how I wasn’t going to do a review of any of them). Lastly, my question is: can you write a review on Boruto? I feel a lot of people are on the fence on this show and it certainly hasn’t gotten the ink that Dad has received. Perhaps even a compare and contrast approach. I will not be doing a review on this show, but it would be helpful.

      Now, as to style and approach, we would like to to remain in a certain approach and format, but it isn’t necessary to mimic what I do. I would want to see how your review works, so, your assignment, Mr. Phelps, should you decide to accept it, it let us see a Boruto review or the aforementioned compare-and-contrast.

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