AX 22 Post-Thoughts #4 – Hold the Bus!

July 30th, 2022 in Anime Expo 2022, Rants by

Now, unless you got a hotel room at the J W Marriott or the Ritz-Carlton (so close to the venue, you could spit on the people down below. Note: Please don’t do that, OK?), you’re going to have to avail yourself of the shuttle buses. Now, this, in and of itself, is not all that bad. They come at regular-ish intervals, so you need not wait too long, especially in front of your hotel, early in the morning. A lot of the street people will stare at you, because you look like Sailor Moon (still a very popular cosplay option) or Sephiroth and his ten-mile sword. It’s just that you ARE dealing with humanity and things can go south faster than you realize, both outside and inside. (more…)

AX 22 Post-Thoughts #3 – Getting Around

July 23rd, 2022 in Anime Expo 2022, Rants by

Now, with AX being at the Staples Center Arena, it is somewhat easy to get to. There is a subway line that runs close to it (provided you are near a stop. The Biltmore is.) and the shuttle buses are, for the most part, reliable and safe (but more on that later). Driving your car to the venue gets pricey, at $20 a day. But one mode of transportation that was as ubiquitous about the area as discarded Starbucks cups were eScooters. (more…)

AX 22 Post-Thoughts #2 – If You Like Boobs a Lot, Tag Along

July 16th, 2022 in Anime Expo 2022, Rants by

In years past, one of the harder panels to get into were all those 18+, FAKKU, hentai fun shows. Even if they put them in ever larger and larger venues, there never seemed to be enough seats for all the perverted people who wanted to show up and ogle and stare and hoot and holler and stomp and enojoy the ‘adult’ activities so presented. And since the Fire Marshal did not allow standing for these things, it got tough, When I got the preliminary schedule for AX, there was one panel that I really, really felt that I had to get into. (more…)

AX 22 Post-Thoughts #1 – Can I Afford This?

July 9th, 2022 in Anime Expo 2022 by

I have been coming to the Expo for 13 years (although I’ve only been four times), but I am only vaguely aware of the costs. I decided to see how much it would actually cost a person to come to this shindig. I will be basing a lot on what it costs me, but your mileage may vary. Also, I am pro-rating things, as I do this for three people, which is a better way to go, as the costs are spread further around. Doing this as a solo is a costly proposition. Let’s do the math. Grasp your calculator. (more…)

Day #5 – In Conclusion…

July 6th, 2022 in Anime Expo 2022 by

Now, I rarely get to drive, even in town. The wife thinks I motor-mouth too much about the other crappy drivers. Well, they ARE crappy drivers. If your car looks like the winner from the Destruction Derby, maybe your skills are not up to snuff. She also thinks I panic when it gets too trafficky. I don’t panic; I get frustrated. Do YOU like sitting in traffic, not moving at all, listening to the thumping bass of the car which is half-a-mile back? However, her knees were hurting, so I was given the honors. I usually use the six-plus hour drive to think about what went down at the convention, but not this time. I spent the drive trying to get around about 100 trucks and keeping an eye on the gas gauge, but I did think. (more…)

Day #4 – “Cum On Feel the Noize”

July 5th, 2022 in Anime Expo 2022 by

Getaway Day is always the worst, as the real trick is packing up your car, but leaving it in a safe place while you amuse yourself with the Last Day. Fortunately, our hotel understands this and lets you keep your car there and then leave for home. (more…)

Day #3 – “Fortune Favors the Brave”

July 4th, 2022 in Anime Expo 2022 by

Now, Anime Expo is held at the LA Convention Center, which everyone knows as the Staples Center. But the naming rights were bought up by, so it is the arena. Everyone still calls it the Staples Center. You have seen those pernicious ads with Matt Damon, who reminds us that “Fortune Favors the Brave”. No, it doesn’t. There are a ton of brave explorers who died, so that doesn’t sound like getting favored. I bring this up, as I personally encountered a lot of ‘brave’ people who came under my sphere of influence. (more…)

Day #2 – “Breakdown Dead Ahead”

July 3rd, 2022 in Anime Expo 2022 by

Learning from the missteps from yesterday, today I was better set up, as I dragged out the umbrella AND we looked at the schedule. Not much was planned during the day, so I was going to take a major swing at the Exhibitor’s Hall. But first, I would have to WAKE UP! (more…)

Day #1 – “Here We Are”

July 2nd, 2022 in Anime Expo 2022 by

There is always an anxiousness to get the Expo started, but the actual start time was 10:30 am. This is good, as I was champing at the bit at 7 am (when the buses start running), but I should go out WITH the wife and daughter so we can pretend we’re a family. (more…)

Day #0 – Anime Expo “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been”

July 1st, 2022 in Anime Expo 2022 by

Well, the day has finally arrived, but if I knew it was going to start off like it did, I would have probably stayed hidden under the house. (more…)