Ao No Exorcist 23 Review

September 20th, 2011 in Anime, Ao No Exorcist, General Reviews by

Okay so i already did a general review of this anime but after watching this episode Ijust had to say a few words on it. For anyone who has been following this show i’m sure you’re thinking ‘O.o I totally didn’t see that coming’. Now this episode started out slow and predictable: Rin being a sacrificial lamb on the cross, Yukio rushing in to try and save him but oh no the super hell destroying bomb is already on its way and the only person who can stop it is Pope Ernst Frederik Egin himself (the guy who claims to be their grandfather and set up the whole Jacobs ladder scheme. Pretty sure everyone saw that far coming but then things started to get really interesting, after the horribly cliche martyr scene where Yukio so happily decided to switch places with his brother I swear someone just hit the fast forward on this episode. The blood ‘power’ spiked, Yukio himself decided to unleash his own awesome blue flames, the giant Gehenna (gate to hell) opened up, the plane arrived at the dropoff point and cannons the ‘messiah’ into the gate. Moment of silence here (or maybe it was just my brain going into overdrive and slowing down my perception of time). BOOM! ok it wasn’t exactly a boom, more like big flash of pinkish/purplish light and behold! Yup you got it satan gets pissed, unfortunately it wasn’t pissed in he NUUU you destroyed half of hell pissed, it was more of the ‘sigh why is this mosquito attempting to bite my titanium plated skin’ kinda pissed. Locust styled demons started pouring out, priests started to burn up which only meant one thing 🙂 satan was on his way here. (more…)

Ao No Exorcist Review

September 12th, 2011 in Anime, Ao No Exorcist, General Reviews by

blue exorcstGood day again from Anime Recommendations, today i will review the relatively new anime Ao No Exorcist, also called Blue Exorcist,  this is one of the currently ongoing anime that i have the pleasure of watching (episode 22 now), adapted from its respective 7 volume manga it was created into a 24 episode anime series. The Plot revolves around a young boy called Rin Okumura and his twin brother Yukio Okumura. Both sons of the most powerful demon Satan who were raised by Father Shiro Fujimoto, the most powerful exorcist. After shiro is killed in front of Rin’s eyes by Satan himself, Rin decides to become an exorcist like his guardian and defeat Satan. Upon enrollment into True Cross Academy he takes part in a special exorcist course where he aims to become a Paladin, the title given to the strongest exorcist. He is capable of accessing the powers he inherited from his father Satan from drawing his sword Kurikara whose sheath acts as a portal to the demon world. Unfortunately the quantity of flames released from the sword drastically increases and risk of his mind being consumed by rage and power and as a result loosing it forever.

This anime is on the higher end of the Demon/Action Genre spectrum and as a result i may be a bit biased in my review (since this genre is my favorite see here). The plot gets a 7.5/10 its pretty good although the progression can be a bit slow at times. The animation is simplybeautiful so i gave it a 9/10. And the characters… 7/10 although they were all great in portraying their roles, there was nothing exceptional about them (just my opinion, no flaming please). Overall id give it a score of 7.8/10, definitely the best demon/action anime of the year. Take some time, give it a watch, is worth it :).