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You really have to approach this show with a very open mind. I mean, rarely does one see an S/M relationship so portrayed.

MM! (called Emu Emu!) tells the story of Taro Sado (the guy) who is a masochist. There is nothing he loves more than to get pummeled into submission by pretty girls. But there is this girl that he wishes to confess his love to (the one with her back to us) and she is too shy to listen to what he has to say. But he wants to be pure for her and rid himself once and for all of this vice. He is told to go to the Second Voluntary Club where the president, Mio Isurugi, says she can cure him (she’s the blonde in the doorway).

Too bad she has a God Complex and when Taro does not respond to her fast enough, proceeds to beat the snot out of him, which only reinforces his masochism. Also a member of this club is Arashiko Yuno (purple hair, dead center), childhood friend, who not only caused Taro’s problem, but has a problem of her own: she has a fear of men, brought on by a middle school incident with a boy she was dating.

In fact, EVERYONE in this show has some kind of perversion or bent.

Michiru Onigawara – The school nurse and club advisor, she has a thing about taking photos of pretty girls in revealing outfits.
Noa Hiiragi – President of the Inventor’s Club, she wants everyone to be perverts, as she is one.
Shizuka Sado – Taro’s sister, she wants nothing more that to marry her brother.
Tomoko Sado – Taro’s mother, she wants nothing more than to marry her son and considers even her daughter a rival. (more…)