“Flamenco” Dancer

June 12th, 2014 in Anime, General Reviews, Samurai Flamenco by


I had a hard time with this show, owing to so many mid-course corrections, until I just reached the point where you could not take this show seriously at all. It pretends to be dramatic, but it’s not. It wants to be serious, but it can’t commit to it. It strives to be important, but it undercuts itself. So, just sit down with a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy all the oddness that ensues.

The initial idea was a fine one. Masayoshi Hazama is a male model and that is a rather dull world for him. But he grew up watching all those Japanese superhero shows, believing that good can overcome evil. One night, he decides to go out and be a vigilante for justice, as Samurai Flamenco. Well, it doesn’t go too well for him as (a) he has no physical strength, (b) he has no physical presence and (c) he has no physical commitment, so he ends up getting the tarpaper smacked out of him.

He turns to Hidenori Goto, a neighborhood cop, who is against this foolish idea, but Hazama is committed to doing this. After a while, he does start to make a difference, as he is being taken seriously and this is where things start to go astray. (more…)