This is One Grim “Fairy Tail”

January 7th, 2012 in Anime, Fairy Tail, General Reviews by

Fairy tail

Yeah, OK. I usually try to lull you in to reading my review, kind of disguising until the end as to whether I liked it or not. For this one, I’ll save you the time: I no longer like “Fairy Tail”. I have abandoned the show.

Now, I gave it a good damn run: 60 shows (“Case Closed” has taken me for longer at 130 and I still watch that. I would have watched “Inuyasha” and “Ranma ½” more, but foul circumstances took them away from me. And I am still working through “Full Metal Alchemist – Brotherhood” but that ends at 51). But I felt it treated me badly, like other long-format shows.

So, what got to me? It’s just that it took me that long to see the repetitive nature of the overall show. I had read the first five manga and really liked what I read (since I check them out of the library, someone borrowed Books Six through Eleven forever, so I had to give up. And I don’t read manga on the internet). When I heard they had done the show, I watched it with eager anticipation, but I started to notice a trend.

The Evil Folks show up. The Good Guys arrive on the scene, but are soon put to flight. The Good Guys regroup and through some personal effort, defeat the Bad Guys and send them packing. Then, we have beers all around for a Job Well Done. The next day, (more…)

Fairy Tail Episode 99 (Natsu vs Gildarts)

October 23rd, 2011 in Anime, Fairy Tail, General Reviews by

Natsu xs Gildarts

Natsu vs Gildarts!

Ah yes, I just woke up and besides feeling a bit groggy I’m feeling extremely lazy but I can’t stop thinking that I need to write this so here I go. Remember some time ago I mentioned that my ISP hated me, well ive finally found a way around that so I had pretty much my fill of updates yesterday since I had to catch up for almost 3 weeks of episodes. In this post I’m going to quickly describe the awesomeness that is Fairy Tail episode 99. I initially planned on compiling episodes 99 -101 into one huge post but episode 99 itself was so epic it deserved its own post.

Initially in the episode, remember we were at that point in the S class exam where everyone took their own route with one safe, 3 S-class fights and 3 team vs team fights. Unfortunately for Juvia and her partner Lisanna, they met up with Erza who as we all know, knows nothing about holding back so they pretty much lost, miserably. Of course after a little fanservice by our busty team of Cana and Lucy (and they decide to wash to wash their swimwear of course), we move on to the main focus of the episode, Natsu vs Gildarts. Natsu actually started off pretty well, okay not really but we did have a great show of moves on Natsu side of which impressed Gildarts himself. (more…)

Fairy Tail Episode 98 Review

September 27th, 2011 in Anime, Fairy Tail, General Reviews by

Okay let me start by saying that was one of the best fairy tail episodes i have seen in some time, so lets retrace our steps back to episode 97 and do a short recap where where guild leader gramps (Makarov) announced the S class wizard Advancement Exam. There would be 8 participants (each allowed one partner) and only one would pass and be the next S-class wizard. Here we have our 8 along with their selected partners. GO NATSU!

fairy tail s class exam