Fairy Tail Episode 99 (Natsu vs Gildarts)

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Natsu xs Gildarts

Natsu vs Gildarts!

Ah yes, I just woke up and besides feeling a bit groggy I’m feeling extremely lazy but I can’t stop thinking that I need to write this so here I go. Remember some time ago I mentioned that my ISP hated me, well ive finally found a way around that so I had pretty much my fill of updates yesterday since I had to catch up for almost 3 weeks of episodes. In this post I’m going to quickly describe the awesomeness that is Fairy Tail episode 99. I initially planned on compiling episodes 99 -101 into one huge post but episode 99 itself was so epic it deserved its own post.

Initially in the episode, remember we were at that point in the S class exam where everyone took their own route with one safe, 3 S-class fights and 3 team vs team fights. Unfortunately for Juvia and her partner Lisanna, they met up with Erza who as we all know, knows nothing about holding back so they pretty much lost, miserably. Of course after a little fanservice by our busty team of Cana and Lucy (and they decide to wash to wash their swimwear of course), we move on to the main focus of the episode, Natsu vs Gildarts. Natsu actually started off pretty well, okay not really but we did have a great show of moves on Natsu side of which impressed Gildarts himself. During a ‘roar of the fire dragon’ Gildarts cast a disassembly magic on it which after the fire was extinguished hit Natsu and created a multitude of Chibi Natsus, who naturally still insisted on fighting (go natsu!).

There was a flashback of the past there of natsu and his determination in his younger days (always trying to pick a fight with the strongest and whatnot). What was really interesting was that it seems Mira Jane wasn’t always the nice delicate lady she seems. Natsu himself, actually doing a better job as Chibi-Natsu causes Gildarts to return him back to normal where he took the opening to cast his most powerfull attack which actually caused gildarts to move back about 2 meters or so. (Apparantly gildarts has been fighting him without moving from his original position the whole time). A very impressed Gildarts noted that he could just pass natsu for what he has done already but Natsu himself refused to pass until he beat his opponent so Gildarts. I guess I would compare it to Kenpatchi Zaraki In bleach removing his eyepatch mixed with Rocklee In Naruto releasing 5/7 inner gates or something because that was amazing. Gildarts finally showed us a glimpse of his power and the entire island shook (plus a little whoopee where). For the first time ever, Natsu was completely and utterly just, outclassed and could not dare even attack In the end he went down and gave up (kinda felt sorry for Natsu but who could blame him, not even I predicted this amount of power in GIldarts, and when I think about the fact that a Dragon removed that guys hand and leg, those things must be *lacks vocabulary to express*)

Back to the story, yes Natsu even though he lost the fight he was commended by Gildarts who still passed him regardless and then comes the end of the episode. As a general episode I would give this a 8.5/10 but as a more specific Fairy Tail episode I would give it a 9.8/10. Filled with everything a fairy tail fan would love and none of the annoying quirks.

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