“Photo” Op

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This actually is a two-part series, in that what happens in the first half has almost no bearing on the second half.

Now, it doesn’t help that it started out as a dating sim game. “Photo Kano” (“Photo Girlfriend”) tells the story of Kazuya Maeda (Mr. Front and Center), who was given a digital camera from his father. All of a sudden, there is an uptick in his popularity and presence (neither of which he had before), as he learns to not only take good photos, but gets involved with a series of girls, each needing something else from him, both romantically and photographically.

From shows One to Six, we see Maeda run through his paces. There are two photo clubs on campus, but the first one, The Photography Club (the one he joins) is more interested in taking those flirty, ecchi-like snaps of the student’s body…..I mean, the student body. The second one, the Photo Club, is more serious about what they do, so the two clubs are always in conflict with approach and goals and results. (more…)

On The “Edge”

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Another horror offering, this one approaches it with a different angle. Is there blood? Not as much as you may think, but there is still a large caliber of terror and destruction.

The proper title for this show is “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge” or “The Severing Crime Edge”. Let’s talk about Kiri Haimura. If there is anything he loves most in the entire world, it’s cutting hair. He will cut anyone’s hair and he does a fabulous, fabulous job with it. He then sees this girl, Iwai Mushanokoji. She has hair down to the ground, because it is cursed. It cannot be cut by any means (chain saw, blow torch, laser beam). Yet, somehow, Kiri can do it with his simple scissors. But we learn these are no ordinary scissors.

These are “Killing Goods”. People in and of themselves are not killers, but when they come across the implement that will allow them to become killers, they are possessed by their tool of choice. That pair of scissors (and why is it a ‘pair of scissor’ when there is just the one? Is it odd to call it scissor?) belonged to an ancestor of his, Norma Grayland, who owned this pair of scissors which could cut flesh and bone and he purportedly killed over 200 lost souls in the 1860s. (more…)

Short Run Series X – “Party” Pooper

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Confession time! I bailed on this show after three episodes. Yes, horror is not a genre I go chasing after and the title of the show, “Corpse Party: Tortured Souls”, certainly should have been enough of a tip-off, but I decided to try it out anyway. It was a dismal failure for me. Then I learned it was four shows and an OVA so I went back in to tough it out.

Now, this entire crew is not in the full run of the show, but it offered a picture of the nine players in it for the anime, and that is the grouping in the middle. We are talking about the girl in the red dress lying down, the two atop her, then we move to the right another seven. Shorty and to the left, Red Book and to the right might be in the manga or the video game, but I didn’t research that far.

We are at Kisaragi Academy and it has been a very successful school festival. The seven students are, left to right: Ayumi Shinozaki, Sekio Shinohara, Satoshi Mochida, Satoshi’s younger sister, Yuki, Naomi Nakashima, Yoshiki Kishinuma, Mayu Suzumoto, Sakutaro Morishigem and class assistant homeroom teacher Ms. Yui Shishido. We also have to include that one in the red dress, Sachiko Shinozaki, as well (note that she doesn’t cast a reflection. Shhhhh!) (more…)

Short Run Series IX – I Said, Hey “Bartender”

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I debated whether to consider this a short-run series. It comes in at 11 shows, but that last one is a kind of recap, clip show, overview of things and seems more like a send-off than a real episode, although I do consider series runs of 11 or less a short-run. We’ll let you decide.

This is a very odd show. Odd in the sense that every character in this show is quite intelligent, learned, educated and knowledgeable on a variety of issues. Because of that, the show can get a little prolix and overly scholastic, as you learn the history of cocktails, the stories behind many famous drinks and what it is a bartender really does.

We are in the Ginza, a very popular area of Tokyo, where all sorts of bars and watering holes exist. But there is a very hard to find one, Eden Hall, where you go to for more than a mere libation, but a chance to reflect upon your life and where you want it to go. The man behind the bar, Ryū Sasakura, is a bartending prodigy who is said to mix the best concoctions anyone has ever tasted. But that is because he knows what it is you really need before you do and it isn’t merely booze, but both a tonic to revive and a statement to bring your life into focus.

The “Color” of the Wind

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I have spoken about fan service a lot and that I sometimes feel that it goes overboard way too soon and it wrecks the flow and feel of the show. “Colorful” embraces our inner ecchi pervert to delightful ends and makes no bones about it.

Now, be careful, as there is a movie out there called “Colorful” as well. So how can you tell the difference? If you see panties on the cover, THIS is the one you want. If you see a boy in a school uniform, surrounded by flowers, that is NOT the one.

There are some disjointed story lines in this all-too-brief series, done more as blackout sketch comedy. Although the series has 16 episodes, nothing runs over 10 minutes, as we have numerous vignettes of guys getting their perv on to varying degrees of success. There are lots of shots of looking up skirts and peering down cleavage and way-too-tight blouses with bosoms bursting outwards and very pretty girls, all sexy in an innocent way. (more…)

Do Not “Pass” Go

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Now, I haven’t been actively watching anime for too long (at a mere 10 years, I am a youngling compared to others), but I have to say that 2013 has been a very exciting year. Sure, there have been a few duds, but the standout shows really stand out, like this one, “Psycho-Pass”.

It is the real future, as it is now 2116 (most ‘future’ shows are like 2040 or 2051, years that I have an outside chance of getting to see, only to discover there are STILL no flying cars). Don’t let the open throw you. Aside from it trying to look like “Blade Runner”, the opening fight is something that will occur about two-thirds into the series run, so just let it wash over you until you get into the actual story.

Tokyo is a utopia of harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding; the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Crime is almost non-existent, owing to this Sibyl System. You can kind of think of this world as ‘Minority Report’, but without Tom Cruise. People’s emotional state is measured by their Hue. Stress certainly plays into this assessment, done by the multiplicity of tracking cameras and Drones that patrol the streets. (more…)

Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!

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I am noticing another trend in anime as of late and it is really starting to irk me, as it seems like we have to calm down people, lest they go screaming into the sunset because the whole world is coming to an end because of something they saw in the recent series and IT MIGHT BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I first encountered these warnings way back in “UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie”, letting us know that everything that went on in the bathhouse was done with the cooperation of the National Association of Guilds Maintaining Sanitary Operation of Public Bathhouses. We’ll just ignore the fact that all kinds of naked babes are parading through. You KNOW that when the boiler is set at a certain temperature of the floors are mopped in a particular manner, that it all done with proper protocols of the industry. You’ve got our Seal of Approval…..and naked babes.

I next came across one in “Fairy Tail”, where Natsu would remind us to watch with enough light and be far enough away from the TV. OK, I have no problem with that, as some folks are so close, they might as well be behind the TV. “Dude, move your head. What the hell is Lucy doing?” (more…)

Bang the “Drum” Slowly

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This is another strange show, in that you do not realize how all the stories are interconnected, as well as not getting the answers you need to understand what is going on, so it is going to take some dedication in viewing it. OK, the full title for this is “Mawaru Penguindrum”; otherwise, you may have a hard time finding it as merely ‘Penguin Drum”.

Initially, we drop in on the Takakura family, currently composed of (left to right) Kanba (the playboy type), Shoma (the innocent one) and Himari (the terminally ill one). Mom and Dad are missing (and we’ll find out why later in the series), so it’s just these three and the mysterious Uncle Ikeba (just a voice on the phone).

One day, they decide to go to the aquarium, where they purchase this really ugly penguin hat for Himari. As they are paying for the hat, Himari collapses. She is taken to the hospital, where she dies. As the brothers mourn, they are surprised to see Himari suddenly spring back to life, fully cured of her condition. The doctor calls it a miracle, as her condition was such that no one comes back, much less gets cured. (more…)

Into the “Forest”

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Well, I am a hopeless mermaid fanatic, but I knew that the world of “Mermaid Forest” I was getting myself into was not the realm of music and light and Ariel singing to me and combing her hair with a dinglehopper and wondering about legs. Sure, there’s lots of red to be seen, but it’s blood. This may be one of the bloodiest series I have seen in a while and I’m watching “Attack on Titan”.

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. Yuta appears to be any other kind of wanderer in Japan (and let’s face it, Japan is loaded with them. I mean, Ash in ‘Pokemon’ is a 10-year old boy wandering all over hither and thither, so it’s not all that strange), except he has both a dark secret and a darker agenda. He is headed towards a remote village where he hears there are mermaids. The other islanders give it a hearty chuckle, ho ho ho. Why, they’ve been working these waters for years and heard the tales, but they gave it no heed. It’s just a rumor, like a balanced budget or an honest lawyer. (more…)

A “Prince” of a Guy

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OK, I was drawn to this series by the title: “The ‘Hentai’ Prince and the Stony Cat”. Well, I jumped on “Panty and Stocking” and “Chu-Bra!” and I found those very entertaining shows, so why not this one?

This revolves around Yokodera Yota, a second-year high school student. He has a reputation on campus as being the biggest pervert around, but he has a problem: he cannot express his emotions well. One day, a good friend of him comes up to him and unloads all of his smut collection on him, as he has been cleaned of his impure thoughts. All he did was make an offering to the stone cat statue at the base of a tree on the high peak in town. What it does it takes what you no longer want and gives it to someone in greater need of it.

As he goes up there to make his offering of a body pillow, wishing to be more open with his emotions, a girl comes up to him, Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi, and makes her wish of being more of an adult and not show her emotions so easily. The cat grants their wish and the next day at school is a total disaster. He cannot tell a lie; she cannot feel anything. They work together to try and find who received their tokens and try to get it back so they can be who they once were, as who they are now is nerve-wracking. (more…)