Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!

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I am noticing another trend in anime as of late and it is really starting to irk me, as it seems like we have to calm down people, lest they go screaming into the sunset because the whole world is coming to an end because of something they saw in the recent series and IT MIGHT BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I first encountered these warnings way back in “UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie”, letting us know that everything that went on in the bathhouse was done with the cooperation of the National Association of Guilds Maintaining Sanitary Operation of Public Bathhouses. We’ll just ignore the fact that all kinds of naked babes are parading through. You KNOW that when the boiler is set at a certain temperature of the floors are mopped in a particular manner, that it all done with proper protocols of the industry. You’ve got our Seal of Approval…..and naked babes.

I next came across one in “Fairy Tail”, where Natsu would remind us to watch with enough light and be far enough away from the TV. OK, I have no problem with that, as some folks are so close, they might as well be behind the TV. “Dude, move your head. What the hell is Lucy doing?”

I am talking about things that bother me more deeply; something along the lines of ‘don’t use a drill as a hammer’ or ‘electric trains and bath tubs shouldn’t get together’. I also do not have a problem with adult anime that state “Definitely NOT for children!” as some parents are rather dense and might just pick up a copy of “La Girl Blue” instead of “Blue Exorcist”, as they remember ‘blue’ being in the title.

The first comes from “Psycho-Pass” (don’t worry, a review is coming soon for that; endless tweaking is delaying it). A very powerful cop drama show, it ends with the concern about the modern era you are watching:

“A world where human’s state of mind and the tendency of their personalities can be quantified. While all sorts of inclinations are recorded and policed, these measured numbers used to judge people’s souls are commonly called ‘Psycho-Pass’. The story is fiction. The names of the individuals and/or organizations that appear in this story are fictitious and have no relation to those in existence in the real world.”

Are people such sheep that they feel this Thought Police-like equipment actually exists out there and that you had better be wearing your aluminum foil hat to deflect and protect? Did you think “Quest for Fire” was a stunning documentary? Hand me the remote and no one gets hurt.

The other comes from a newer show I am watching “Gin no Saji” (“Silver Spoon”, only six episodes in, so a review is some time off, but it’s about farming and the like):

“This story is a work of fiction. The people and groups are fictitious, but the themes relating to food and life are based in reality. Visiting the places and facilities used as models can be dangerous and may result in contracting diseases from the animals. Please enjoy this story as a work of fiction.”

Is there someone on the administration staff who thinks I would gather the family up and head off to a chicken farm so we can watch them getting their heads chopped off and/or degutted? That’s neither something the Trip Advisor doesn’t promote on their web site nor something you’d see in the Weekend Fun listing from the local paper.

What’s up? Have we reached a point in human existence where everything has to be explained out because some of our members are rather dense? Do I need to be told that cars don’t really fly? That time portals are not seen fluttering down the street? That you cannot nip down to the local sporting goods store and get a giant flying robot for real cheap? The government has shown time and again they are not the sharpest bowling balls on the rack, so I have little worry that they possess a disintegrator beam that will turn me into cosmic dust.

Why don’t we have one on the comedies?

“The chances of you ever meeting a woman, as portrayed in this work of fiction, who is that sexy, that playful and that horny for you are so remote, even Las Vegas won’t give odds on it.” And you can bet your 60 billion double dollars on that one!

I am sure that this trend will fade away come the future, but it’s irritating in the present.

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  1. Avatar Rae says:

    Im going to let in on a little secret: The newer generations are all becoming stupider and stupider. Odds are they might actually try to do some of these things if they weren’t warned not to.

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