This “Vampire” Bites

January 22nd, 2012 in Anime, General Reviews, Rosario + Vampire by

Now, I know that this particular series veered over into a sub-genre I am tired of…vampires. It’s not that there aren’t good or interesting vampire animes out there, like “Black Blood Brothers” or “Hellsing”, but it is the sheer amount of them that gets overwhelming to the point where I run away. The other genre I am tired of is Giant Fighting Robots, so if they have a Giant Vampire Fighting Robot show, I can avoid it. (And if it is voiced by Chris Ayres, it’s everything I hate in one spot!)

The one under the microscope is “Rosario + Vampire”, which got a lot of positive spin in things I saw. Many girls liked it, as it was sooooooooooo romantic. Well, I was between shows and it came up, so I gave it a test run. I didn’t crash and burn, but it got really old really fast.

This is a shame, as it started out so good. Our hero, Tsukune Aono, is a ronin. This is a term used for a student who has left one school, but is not attached to another one. (It is a samurai term for a swordsman who has no master, but roams the countryside). He is a bit of a brick and is having a most difficult time getting accepted anywhere. His father magically finds an errant admission packet (dropped in an alley, after dark, by a strange hooded figure. Man, things have got to be rather weird and desperate if you are willing to grab an admission packet, dropped in an alley, after dark, by a strange hooded figure) and gloms it, scampering away. Hooray! Their son is not a total dweeb dork dingleberry dognice! Now, get to school! (more…)

Rosario + Vampire = fanservice + monsters

November 22nd, 2011 in Anime, General Reviews, Rosario + Vampire by

Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire  equivalent to fanservice +monsters

Personally as someone who is intrigued by most things vampire I had to watch this series.  This show is about a boy , Tsukune, whom is not able to get into a decent high school and ends up in a special school that is full of various monsters. He quickly meets up with Moka, a vampire, and falls for her and she falls for his blood…oh I mean him as well.  There is tons of fan service throughout the entire series and is no exception to when they first meet by Tsukune being run into by Moka on a bike.  Moka switches between two different personalities throughout the show by her Rosario being removed by Tsukune whenever he ends up in danger.  His danger is most often due to the fact that all the women in the school seem to fall for him, and because the school has a rule of not showing your true form most are none the wiser of him being human. (more…)