Rosario + Vampire = fanservice + monsters

November 22nd, 2011 in Anime, General Reviews, Rosario + Vampire by

Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire  equivalent to fanservice +monsters

Personally as someone who is intrigued by most things vampire I had to watch this series.  This show is about a boy , Tsukune, whom is not able to get into a decent high school and ends up in a special school that is full of various monsters. He quickly meets up with Moka, a vampire, and falls for her and she falls for his blood…oh I mean him as well.  There is tons of fan service throughout the entire series and is no exception to when they first meet by Tsukune being run into by Moka on a bike.  Moka switches between two different personalities throughout the show by her Rosario being removed by Tsukune whenever he ends up in danger.  His danger is most often due to the fact that all the women in the school seem to fall for him, and because the school has a rule of not showing your true form most are none the wiser of him being human. (more…)

Crossdressers, romance…. and Jellyfish?

October 30th, 2011 in Anime, General Reviews, Kuragehime by

 Although based on the summary of Kuragehime (princess jellyfish) one may seem skittish to watch this show, but once watching it you will wish there was more.  This show starts out by introducing you to Tsukimi a girl who is what could be assumed a stereotypical otaku, although as an otaku myself knows this is untrue, and has horrible social skills.  She lives in an apartment where all the women hate men and also cannot behave normally in social settings.  Although as an avid otaku I would love to hate the fact that they portray all of the women as socially unacceptable you can’t help but to feel yourself pulled into their stories and humor.

Tsukimi meets Kuranosuke thinking that he is a female “stylish” but soon finds him to be a cross-dresser, and in order to save herself she has him continue this masquerade with her roomates.  This leads of course to the several almost run ins with her friends finding out the truth.  Kuranosuke slowly get Tsukimi to come out of her shell introducing her to the “stylish” culture (more…)