Rosario + Vampire = fanservice + monsters

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Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire  equivalent to fanservice +monsters

Personally as someone who is intrigued by most things vampire I had to watch this series.  This show is about a boy , Tsukune, whom is not able to get into a decent high school and ends up in a special school that is full of various monsters. He quickly meets up with Moka, a vampire, and falls for her and she falls for his blood…oh I mean him as well.  There is tons of fan service throughout the entire series and is no exception to when they first meet by Tsukune being run into by Moka on a bike.  Moka switches between two different personalities throughout the show by her Rosario being removed by Tsukune whenever he ends up in danger.  His danger is most often due to the fact that all the women in the school seem to fall for him, and because the school has a rule of not showing your true form most are none the wiser of him being human.

The main women of this show are Moka with pink hair where she is sweet and white haired moka which is slightly more reminiscent of what one would believe a vampire’s attitude would be, kurumu a very busty succubus, yuuki a petite witch, and mizore a snow lady.  They all believe that they are Tsukune’s one true love and are constantly vying for his attention often through the use of fan service and fighting with one another although after each has their main “battle” with Moka always prevailing they end up befriending one another even though they still believe that they each should be with him.

This anime is not something that encourages deep thought but there are several parts within it where the comedy is right on spot as long as you don’t mind abundant fanservice.  This is a decent anime for someone who wants to watch a light and fun show to pass the time.

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