Crossdressers, romance…. and Jellyfish?

October 30th, 2011 in Anime, General Reviews, Kuragehime by

 Although based on the summary of Kuragehime (princess jellyfish) one may seem skittish to watch this show, but once watching it you will wish there was more.  This show starts out by introducing you to Tsukimi a girl who is what could be assumed a stereotypical otaku, although as an otaku myself knows this is untrue, and has horrible social skills.  She lives in an apartment where all the women hate men and also cannot behave normally in social settings.  Although as an avid otaku I would love to hate the fact that they portray all of the women as socially unacceptable you can’t help but to feel yourself pulled into their stories and humor.

Tsukimi meets Kuranosuke thinking that he is a female “stylish” but soon finds him to be a cross-dresser, and in order to save herself she has him continue this masquerade with her roomates.  This leads of course to the several almost run ins with her friends finding out the truth.  Kuranosuke slowly get Tsukimi to come out of her shell introducing her to the “stylish” culture often through the use of jellyfish.  Tsukimi’s life revolves around jellyfish due to the fact that her mother once said that the jellyfish reminded her of a princess’ gown.  The plot than goes to the average anime love triangle Tsukimi falls for Kuranosuke’s brother, Kuranosuke falls for Tsukimi, but the twist is  Kuranosuke’s brother falls for Tsukimi but only when she is dressed as a stylish.

While all of the romance is going on Kuranosuke is trying to help Tsukimi and her roomates to save their apartment building that his fathers’ company is trying to destroy.  At first they try a yard sale event where they tie in more jellyfish by stuffed jellyfish being the only thing that sold.  After that they decide to make a jellyfish gown that allows Tsukimi  to become a fashion designer and she obviously names her line jellyfish.

The season ends with the house being saved because the owner of the apartment was able to sell her next book.  Although as most anime go the love triangle is not concluded which I hope would mean there is a next season coming.  I really enjoyed this anime because although there were many cliché decisions made throughout it, the comedy and quirkiness of the characters makes one continue to watch it to the end even if the end was less than desirable.

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