Fan Service Alert – “To Love-Ru OVA”

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What is it about romantic comedies which bring out the berserk fan service? Now, it’s ‘bad’ enough that “To Love-Ru” is pretty berserk as it is (as evidenced by the still from one of the episodes above), but someone felt that the show didn’t go far enough (and how much farther could it go? Further? Man, I always get those two mixed up), and they decided to put together the strangest set of OVAs ever. Now, it kind of serves an odd purpose, as we meet Lala’s younger twin sisters (oh, man, my fornix is getting quickly overheated at that potential scenario) Nana and Momo, who will bring even more mayhem to Rito in the next installment of the series “Motto To Love-Ru”.

Do you really need to know what the plot is? I mean, almost all the OVAs I have seen put together have a plot that isn’t much more that a wire frame from which you can show boobs. In fact, the first episode of the OVA is a discussion about boobs and somehow….No, I can’t tell you, as it is so deliciously ridiculous at to what happens. You really have to watch them all, as they bring out every leftover thing that they felt they couldn’t put into the show, as they hardly left anything out of the shows to begin with. (more…)

Fan Service Alert IV – “High School DxD OVA”

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OK, the series is perverted enough as it gets, as there are some major bust queens in this show. The series is now ‘between seasons’, so now would be a very good time to truck out an OVA and have ourselves a good laugh.

The club is going to the beach, but since they can teleport there, they change out in the club room. They call Issei Hyodo in on this and he, magically, busts in on them when they are in various stages of nakedness and they bust him up like a cedar plank at a karate club. Once at the beach, well, all bets are off. The president of the club, Rias Gremory, wears a Borat-style swimsuit (and if you have seen “Mahoromatic”, Shikijo Saori wears the same style in Season 1, Episode 4).

Rias lies down on the beach and there is no cloth touching her body from just past her ninnies all the way to her crotch, Wow, talk about a superstructure! Anyway, she asks Issei to put some suntan lotion on her and ‘not to miss any spots’. Well this is that suntan lotion that doubles as some kind of lubricant, so it pops out of his hands and Rias gets soaked while Issei is manhandling and fondling and squishing her all about. She is upset about this, but the more they struggle the worse it gets. (more…)

Fan Service Alert III – Maken-Ki OVA

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I was afraid of this. It may be the new trends to deliver up pure fan service. Now, I may be jumping the gun with this one, as there has only been one episode, but it is a fan service delight of perversity and voyeurism.

It starts off with Haruko Amaya in her school uniform, which is too tight in the blouse and too short in the skirt, so it shows off her interesting assets (no, she does not look like what’s above, but you shan’t be disappointed.) She gives some song and dance about how it is best to remain in shape and proceeds to do sit-ups in her school uniform, so you can watch her Balcony shimmy and shudder with every hoist. We eventually change angle, so it could be gynecological review, as we can see that she wears coffee-colored pantyhose, which is still not dark enough to disguise that she wears blue-and-white striped underwear.

Then, she has the temerity to chide us for not paying attention to what she is doing. Oh, honey, I am paying FULL attention.

With sit-up done, we now shift to push ups, as they help build your upper…..arms! Wait, how can she do that with those two zeppelins in docking mode? No problem, she just goes all the way down and squashing them right against the floor. Now, I can’t do a decent push up, as I have something in the way! (more…)

Fan Service Alert 2 – Ladies vs. Butlers OVA

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Is this photo too risqué? Then you haven’t seen this OVA at all! The show makes this snap look like ‘Mary Poppins’.

Now, the plot of ‘Ladies vs. Butlers’ was a young man wants to better himself, but has a hard time of it, as he is surrounded by luscious ladies. The point of this OVA is letting you see them naked, as they coo on ‘I’m so embarrassed’. More like ‘I’m so bare-assed’.

Not a single ‘episode’ gets to four minutes, but I will tell you that there is something unsettling about seeing them gyrate about and lose their clothes and pose about and…..why are their butts so shiny?

I mean, since a lot of these girls come from rich families, I assume there is a servant has polishes up their derrieres. I would love to have that job: pulling out the Butt Buffer and running it over their fine, soft skin until it veritably shines in the sunlight and……..but I digress (or do I?)

You have to understand my take on these things. I really do not need anime to fuel my fantasies. Fan service is something that is meant as a treat, not as the whole dinner, so when you get something like this, I don’t know how to take it. It’s not goofy enough to be funny, but it’s too overt to be honestly sexy. I actually feel for them when they say they are embarrassed. It is like being at a strip club, for all that it’s worth. (more…)

Fan Service Alert 1 – Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny OVA

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Do you remember that scene from “Young Frankenstein” where Gene Wilder is in bed, tossing and turning with anxiety? Then he cries out “All right, you win. You win. I give. I’ll say it. I’ll say it. I’ll say it. DESTINY! DESTINY! NO ESCAPING THAT FOR ME! DESTINY! DESTINY! NO ESCAPING THAT FOR ME!

I give up. It’s that I feel many animes are going overboard with the fan services to the point that the show is impaired from being as good as it could be. Now, it seems some have dropped the pretense and are pure fan service, so if you are on the prowl for such offerings, here you go.

I have always had problems with Ikki Tousen in the fan service aspect of it. I mean, we are talking major league perversion. In the first series, Ikki has no concept of undergarments and is, for the most part, naked, her gigantic jugs heaving about for guys to grope and grab, and the guys grope and grab, as her gigantic jugs are heaving about. Forget conjugating verbs! And when these ladies fight, they are pretty much denuded while in their combat mode. I gave this the highest rating on my ecchi meter, not just merely for the nakedness, but the other aspects of it, mainly intent and implication. (more…)