Fan Service Alert III – Maken-Ki OVA

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I was afraid of this. It may be the new trends to deliver up pure fan service. Now, I may be jumping the gun with this one, as there has only been one episode, but it is a fan service delight of perversity and voyeurism.

It starts off with Haruko Amaya in her school uniform, which is too tight in the blouse and too short in the skirt, so it shows off her interesting assets (no, she does not look like what’s above, but you shan’t be disappointed.) She gives some song and dance about how it is best to remain in shape and proceeds to do sit-ups in her school uniform, so you can watch her Balcony shimmy and shudder with every hoist. We eventually change angle, so it could be gynecological review, as we can see that she wears coffee-colored pantyhose, which is still not dark enough to disguise that she wears blue-and-white striped underwear.

Then, she has the temerity to chide us for not paying attention to what she is doing. Oh, honey, I am paying FULL attention.

With sit-up done, we now shift to push ups, as they help build your upper…..arms! Wait, how can she do that with those two zeppelins in docking mode? No problem, she just goes all the way down and squashing them right against the floor. Now, I can’t do a decent push up, as I have something in the way!

Well, she finally decides that perhaps she needs to get out of the uniform and into gym clothes that are more suggestive than the uniform. She starts to do leg splits and this gets her so hot and sweaty that she dampened up her top, so it clings like Saran-Wrap (registered trademark of Dow) and shows off some high-grade nippleation. Whew! She is glad that the exercise session is down and we worked up a good sweat.

Now, are there going to be more episodes? Yes there is. Episode Two has our little Cat Head doing some crotchtacular hip exercises as she chastises us for not paying better attention to her. Oh, you have my FULL attention. Episode Three has Blondie doing hip raises and leg lifters and other pelvis thrusts. Does it really matter what is going on? You can rewatch the four minutes again and again, as you reside in your pervert’s paradise. Richard Simmons was never this entertaining. Exercise value? Pfffffffffffffffffffffft!

It’s just that I don’t think I can last through Episode Four.

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Artwork           8 (Moderate artwork, as it get repetitive fast)
Plot                  2 (Even porn has a better set-up)
Pacing              5 (A tad sluggish)
Effectiveness   9 (Well, it rivets your attention)
Conclusion      3 (Time’s up)
Fan Service     8 (You won’t be disappointed with it…if you’re a guy)

Overall            8 (For what it is)

And remember, it’s first run until you’ve seen it. But I can’t bend that way.

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  1. Feal87 says:

    Ahahah, I agree with you that this series is just a fanservice one and must be evaluated as is. 🙂

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