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What is it about romantic comedies which bring out the berserk fan service? Now, it’s ‘bad’ enough that “To Love-Ru” is pretty berserk as it is (as evidenced by the still from one of the episodes above), but someone felt that the show didn’t go far enough (and how much farther could it go? Further? Man, I always get those two mixed up), and they decided to put together the strangest set of OVAs ever. Now, it kind of serves an odd purpose, as we meet Lala’s younger twin sisters (oh, man, my fornix is getting quickly overheated at that potential scenario) Nana and Momo, who will bring even more mayhem to Rito in the next installment of the series “Motto To Love-Ru”.

Do you really need to know what the plot is? I mean, almost all the OVAs I have seen put together have a plot that isn’t much more that a wire frame from which you can show boobs. In fact, the first episode of the OVA is a discussion about boobs and somehow….No, I can’t tell you, as it is so deliciously ridiculous at to what happens. You really have to watch them all, as they bring out every leftover thing that they felt they couldn’t put into the show, as they hardly left anything out of the shows to begin with.

I am reluctant to tell the onion-skin thin plots, but rest assured that you see a lot of the girls that you came for in the first place. A whole episode at the beach? Ten girls in bikinis at the beach? Ten luscious ladies, changing out of suits and flaunting their bodies and playing silly beach games and….ten girls? Count them!

If you liked the screwball antics of To Love-Ru, then you will enjoy the OVA and the lead in to the next season (which is only a 12-episode run).

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Artwork           9 (Oh, yeah!)
Plot                  3 (More reasons to get naked)
Pacing              8 (Works for what they want to do)
Effectiveness   9 (Since all you want is babes in bikinis)
Conclusion      7 (This was always a bridge session)
Fan Service     8 (A similar show would be “Sekirei”)

Overall            8 (New characters enter)

And remember, it’s first run until you’ve seen it. Yes, all men ARE interested in breasts.

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