Fan Service Alert 2 – Ladies vs. Butlers OVA

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Is this photo too risqué? Then you haven’t seen this OVA at all! The show makes this snap look like ‘Mary Poppins’.

Now, the plot of ‘Ladies vs. Butlers’ was a young man wants to better himself, but has a hard time of it, as he is surrounded by luscious ladies. The point of this OVA is letting you see them naked, as they coo on ‘I’m so embarrassed’. More like ‘I’m so bare-assed’.

Not a single ‘episode’ gets to four minutes, but I will tell you that there is something unsettling about seeing them gyrate about and lose their clothes and pose about and…..why are their butts so shiny?

I mean, since a lot of these girls come from rich families, I assume there is a servant has polishes up their derrieres. I would love to have that job: pulling out the Butt Buffer and running it over their fine, soft skin until it veritably shines in the sunlight and……..but I digress (or do I?)

You have to understand my take on these things. I really do not need anime to fuel my fantasies. Fan service is something that is meant as a treat, not as the whole dinner, so when you get something like this, I don’t know how to take it. It’s not goofy enough to be funny, but it’s too overt to be honestly sexy. I actually feel for them when they say they are embarrassed. It is like being at a strip club, for all that it’s worth.

I found myself looking at and asking other things like:

1) What kind of tea are they serving?
2) How can you expect such a small bikini to stay in place?
3) Does this count as extra credit work?
4) Why do they not know the best way to remove a bra?
5) Can I see the dessert menu, please?

Now if this is something you really enjoy, then I say go at this with both hands. Your complaint might be that it doesn’t go on long enough for you salacious needs. Well, you can always rewind and watch it again. And there are only six episodes for you to handle. It’s just I want more substance with an OVA, but, again, this is a fan service alert.

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Artwork             10 (Stunning)
Plot                     1 (More of a framework)
Pacing                 5 (Getting nude may not be fast enough)
Effectiveness     10 (You want nakedness? You GOT nakedness!)
Conclusion          1 (I laugh in your general direction)
Fan Service         8 (It’s mere nudity and nothing more, so “Sekirei”)

Overall              3 (Let us not kid ourselves)

And remember, it’s first run until you’ve seen it. And you see quite a lot.

2 responses to “Fan Service Alert 2 – Ladies vs. Butlers OVA”

  1. Emperor J says:

    I generally take the view on this type of OVA of a harem series as the plot is completely irrelevant. People didn’t buy the series for the plot after all. I would however love for one of these OVAs to be completely serious with no fan service at all. It will never happen though. Also, I liked the random questions in the middle. I’ve done that before and I can see how it meant whatever on screen was terrible for you.

  2. Façade says:

    hmmmm I found the series to be relatively good but the ova’s well… as you said “The point of this OVA is letting you see them naked” so *shrugs*

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