Rave: Ouran High School Host Club.

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OHSHC is probably my all time favorite anime. It was quite possibly the first anime series I’ve ever watched in a single sitting. The main reason I love it is because its theme revolves around the fact that appearance doesn’t matter (which is very ironic considering some of the characters), it has an amazing story line, and in almost every episode there’s an underlying message.

Firstly, onto that amazing underlying message, as Haruhi (the female protagonist) repeats several times throughout the anime: “Appearances don’t matter, it’s the inside that counts.” This is a pretty big message these days as it’s constantly being spoken about to the younger generations. This theme, though very inspiring, is also very ironic; since the point of the club is to share their beauty with the world… It’s quite the paradox when you think about it, “Appearances don’t matter, but I need to share my beauty with the world”.

The story-line of the anime is very sincere and deep (at least to me it is). It’s about a young girl who is a “commoner” (middle class) but miraculously gets accepted into an elite private school for wealthier families. She ends up breaking a vase of one of the most popular clubs and owing them like 300,000 yen. The members of this club mistake her as a boy and force her into joining the clubs affairs: flirting and womanizing. When all the members realize she’s a girl, they keep her secret until she can pay off her debt. (During which besides undergoing tons of mayhem due to the clubs ‘activities’ she manages to fall in love with one of the members.)

This anime is simply amazing, it sticks to the main idea very well and is complimented by it’s characters and style. Besides the original theme, each episode has its individual underlying message. This transforms the anime into a mania of life lessons. These lessons differ each day and vary from the most valued to the most overused, after 26 episodes you’d think there would be a repeat but no, it never happened.

Overall, Ouran High School Host Club is very humorous and it’s realistic approach makes it easy for the viewers to relate to. It has a very diverse group of characters, and an excellent story line, making it hands down my favorite anime.

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  1. Zaifod2: says:

    That was my first one sitting anime too. It is without a doubt my favorite comedic anime, and possible my overall favorite too. I just wish that, one, Tamaki had FINALY kissed Harihi, and two, that there were more seasons!!!!!!!

    • Rae Boss says:

      I really wish that Tamaki did at one point. It angered me the way it finished because then it left you wanting more, which lead to read the manga like I did. Well at least that was what I did because I wanted to know what happened next….. But it is a really good anime that I enjoyed then and now.

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