AX 2017 Day 3: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

July 4th, 2017 in Anime Expo 2017 by

One does not normally see unescorted wood on the streets of LA, but, there you are. I must be more tired than I thought, as I forgot a key element from yesterday, but it works in well with today.

I must have been really tired, as I was sawing my own wood and got out late with the family to a day of frustrations.

I was going to see both “Noragami” and season two start of “My Hero Academia”, but they were shifted away for “Kiznaiver”, which I already have seen. “Full Metal panic” was season one, which I have seen, but was told it would be season 4. I was able to get into the Warner Brothers Japan Anime Panel, but it was mostly letting us know that there would be a third season of “Food Wars!” No offense, dudes, but I already knew that. However, they had the funniest fake news report ever. It was trying to be serious about “Keijo!!!” which is a women’s only sport where they try to push other women off floating land masses, using only their boobs or butts. The man tried to make the Vacuum Butt Cannon sound very scientific and impressive, as it attains speeds of 1250 k/hr (A Jumbo Jet can ‘only’ do 900 k/hr). Hilarious and totally ridiculous.

When it was over, I tried to get into a showing of “The Ancient Magus’ Bride”, but that was shown YESTERDAY! I was blowing up, so I took a walk.

Normally at these venues, there are the Religionists, who preach that everyone is going to hell because our ‘new’ God is Naturo. Oh, really? I don’t care what happens in “Boruto”, OK? They were there on Sunday, preaching away, but not on Monday. I guess it’s only a weekend thing. Any why aren’t they out at Three Rivers Stadium or wherever the Steelers play? I guess when I dress up as Luffy, my soul is lost to the 10th Level of Hell. If I strip to the waist and paint one half of my body black and the other half yellow, that’s OK. I am so lost and confused.

I went to the vendor’s Hall to taker in another dance lesson with the wife. This has just so jazzed her that I am willing to take real dance lessons, not just learning how to do The Freddy (look it up; it’s from the 60s). Because I was so bummed out, I did another task: Coke lids. You see, Coke has this contest where you need the codes on the inside of Coke products. These codes give you a few good opportunities for stuff. This was a perfect venue to score on this stuff and I was good, getting myself down to about 10 seconds a can. The things I want to see aren’t there and the things that are there, I don’t want to see. I did check out Artist’s Alley, which is in a downstairs garage area, where they also had the gaming tables and the autograph locations. Feet hurt, back stiff, belly grumpy. So is its owner.

I wanted to catch the showing of “Princess Principal” and snuck into the showing of episode 1 on Code Geass: Akito the Exiled” with the voice cast, but I was told the room would be cleared, so I left early to get in the new line, only to have them show ONE episode! It looks fabulous as it is not what you think the title it. This is an Alternative Universe, based in London and it is very steampunk. I can’t wait for it to arrive for real. I hung with the family, as they were going to see the One Piece movie “Strong World”. I was angling to the FAKKU Panel, but they would not allow us to line up at the venue. We got the most convoluted instruction to this. Yes, I probably could have hung around and snuck in, but I felt that I had been treated so shabby by everyone, I went back to the hotel.

All in all, a most dissatisfying day. And tomorrow is GetAway Day.

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