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I once made the comment that one of the most worthless jobs in the world was Rock Concert Reviewer. By the time your review gets into the paper, the show, which the reader potentially did not see, has already moved on to the next venue and, possibly, the one after that. And just because they had a fabulous show in Kankakee is not a guarantee that they will have a fabulous show in Kokomo. Such is the nature of these live events.

And let’s say you and a pal can go see the show at the same time. You thought it was marvelous and you wet your pants. He thought it was too loud and too boring and he will wet YOUR pants. What does this all mean?

Overall, this was a pretty good con and certainly better than the last time I went, despite the rocky start and some on-going glitches. There were a few panels that I would have liked to have gone to and there were some things I missed altogether. They had a Steampunk Convention going on at the same time, but I had my hands full with anime, so I could never take it in. Also, the hotel was way the puddings out there, so it was bypassed.

For Fanime!, I wonder if it just lacks the importance or gravitas of something like Anime Expo, in getting the bigger-name guests and better viewing opportunities. I mean, I liked “Wolf Children” and saw “Children Who Chase Voices from Deep Below” two years ago at AX. And it’s just showing up here now? It was nice that they had current or just-concluded shows for those that may not be aware of them, but that was a downer for me. But it did open up those panels for me to attend.

It’s just that I wonder if I could give a panel on Anime Reviewing. My only sticking point is how to tell people how get to a review site. I was lucky on that aspect, as I was scouted, but if I did reviews by myself, what site could I post to? Would they want me? Am I overthinking this? Would they want it anyway? Ehhhh…………

The real shock to me was the sheer amount of hentai maniacs. Every single 18+ panel was overbooked. There were about 10 panels and they were stuffed! So much in such a tiny space! The only reason some of the 16+ panels weren’t overbooked is that they were put in the glamorous rooms. I guess you don’t want something as perverted as hentai in a majestic setting. Look at the richly appointed lighting presentation. Drink in the marvelous detailing with the trim work. Revel at you promenade upon the superb carpeting. And on screen…what is he doing? What are they doing? Is that a Chihuahua? I never felt that way about my sister!

But there are steps you can take to make your convention participation more enjoyable. The first is to go as a group. You need at least two people, even if you go to different venues. You will eventually link up somewhere, so it’s nice to have that connection point or points. Failing that, you can have group enjoyment. The Magikarp event was a hoot, as the entire audience got behind it, so you were part of a group dynamic. 400 people applauding the wonders of Magikarp: stomping their feet, hooting and hollering, booing the ‘lesser’ Pokemons.

The second is to take care of your body. Eat right, drink lots of water (or some caliber of helpful fluids) and get that sleep. You honestly cannot go four days and nights on energy drinks and cheap burritos. Where this is held, there is a nearby REAL grocery store, so you can get milk and juice and a bowl of soup or some vegetables. Man doth not live by pizza alone (although the sheer amount of boxes at the trash cans could prove me a liar). Get quality protein and try to avoid fast food. Yes, a Milkshake Bar is a novel concept, but opt for that egg and bacon pita wrap instead.

Did I have Post-Con Depression? Not even close. Those guys in that panel said that one reason for the depression is that you had nothing to fill that void. Man, I ALWAYS have something to fill the void, like writing these reviews and getting ready for my week ahead. Besides, I am hopelessly depressed all the time, so Post-Con just washes over me. I have a theory as to why the last day is such a drag. Between having to fight to check out of the hotel and the scandalously thin agenda for the last day, it’s more of a bummer that nothing is honestly up and flying for you to enjoy. It almost seems they can’t wait for you to hit the bricks, bozo!

I made a suggestion to Anime Expo to turn the final day into something like Second-Chance Sunday or The Last Hurrah. You would certainly know by the next to last day things that were really popular or viewings that were shut out to lots of people. Schedule them for the last day. And there is no rule that says you can’t showcase hentai panels at 10 am. It doesn’t have to be this furtive, trench coat wearing perversion (unless that adds a layer of naughtiness to things and makes it really exciting. Like leather pants).

Oh, for the third thing, try and avoid having too much skateboard juice. Husker Du? The hot diggity dank? What do we call pot nowadays? It may be fun to get wrecked, but it drags on you. What did baseball great Satchel Paige say about keeping young? “Go very light on the vices, such as carrying on in society. The social ramble ain’t restful.” Sage advice indeed. The same goes for booze. Do you really need a suitcase of….Bud Light? OK, that’s fine, as it isn’t really beer. Seriously, everything in moderation.

Finally, it’s all attitude. What do YOU want from your convention? It’s going to be up and down, so you have to be prepared for what comes at you and move on to the next thing. Yes, you will be disappointed at these things. I got disappointed numerous times, from getting shut out of panels, learning my Press pass ultimately meant nothing, discovering that 75% of the anime offered I had already seen, nothing to get in the Vendor Room for myself, but guess what? I moved on and had an overall good time. Now, if Fanime! could get the logistics regarding the presentation of the anime shows functioning better, they would have really nailed it

As I have said, if you have a passing interest in anime, you should go to at least one convention in your life. Enjoy your time.

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