Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison Review *spoiler free*

April 30, 2012 in Anime, Movies by Façade

While Naruto has been the bane of my existence recently (the annoying recap/flashback spanning multiple episodes), if the producers were simply working on this movie then it was definitely all worth it. Naruto movies have always been noted for bring pretty good (can’t say the same about the OVA’s) and this one was no different. This movie revolves around…. Hey! Instead of a boring synopsis, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so heres a video/trailer for ya! (Watch in HQ)


As you can tell from the Trailer (assuming you watched it) Naruto gets accused of killing multiple people as well as for an assault on the Raikage resulting in him being sent to a shinobi prison. Now if you are an avid naruto fan throughout the the rest of this trailer your thoughts went something like this:

Of course poor goody goody Naruto couldn’t kill anyone so its clear he was framed but why? *pause* :O There seems so be something huge going on here *pause* :O Gamabunta (The Chief toad) was summonned which means there must be a really powerful enemy! *pause* :O Is that Killer Bee! *pause* OMG Sage Mode! *pause* ROARRRRR!!!! THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC! DOWNLOADD!! (or if you’re like me) WHERE CAN I STREAM THIS!!

Anyways back on topic, Naruto Blood Prison somehow managed to keep the stubborn and hard-headedness that makes Naruto Naruto without it being painfully annoying for viewers. Throughout the movie I found myself thinking “mannnn, what can’t the series be as cool as this all the time”. But hey, guess thats what happenes when you have an ongoing series with no end in sight.

The plot was pretty good and was well exceuted, even though we all Know Naruto’s obstinate nature there were still a few surprises throughout the show that you can look forward to. And hey, as I know the majority of Naruto lovers don’t really care about the plot and are just there to fawn over fight scenes, yes, there are cool fight scenes too.

A short note though, I was trying to figure out the exact timeline where this movie took place, is it before or after Naruto gained control of his tailed beast powers? While he never used it in the movie, I suppose you could say he simply couldn’t due to a random seal (don’t go crying spoiler, its a shinobi jail, what do you think keeps them in check?). If I had to guess I’d say it was right before he went to train on the moving turtle island… but wait.. he knew Killer Bee so that couldnt be…. o well, moving on.

Music and Artwork. The Artwork is pretty much comparable to the average Naruto Shippuden episode with a little extra polish. The same can be said about the music, we pretty much have the usual Naruto OST’s we have grown to love so 2 thumbs up for that.

The Conclusion (ref. this post) was cool so I have no complaints. It won’t leave you as pissed as you were after the last Episode of Death Note nor as “wtf where is the next episode” as you were after Claymore. Overall I’d say it’s a pretty good watch so grab your popcorn, spread that butter and enjoy!

Artwork: 8/10
Plot 8/10
Music 8/10
Effectiveness 9/10
Conclusion 8/10

Overall 8.2/10 (Yea for once my overall actually make mathemetical sense >.<b )


One last comment though, why is it that that these guys can get Dragonball-z sized holes in their chest and still fight for hours on end? Then as soon as the fighting is over they just fall over and die (sort of like those huge inscets in Naussica and the Valley of the Wind). I’m sorry but if I get shot with a bazooka and it leaves a hole that size. Imma simply fall on the ground, roll around.. and die.

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