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Sometimes life can be such a lonely existence

By some miracle I woke up early today and thus have some time to write my response. But as the date has passed I won’t be tagging anyone else. For those who have no idea what i’m talking about you can check out Cely’s original post here.
Now the answers to the 5 questions.

1. What is it that lead you to become an aniblogger?
Thats an easy one, It was summer and I reeeeeally wanted something to do besides watch anime all day and sleep. So I decided to create a blog. And what better thing to blog about than my obsession?

2.  How many times can you recall where an anime or anime scene made you think “WTF”?
Hmmmmm, Currently I can only think of two instances. That would be at the ending of school days where those two crazy, gruesome murders happen and then seeing the girl at the end with Makoto’s head on the boat. The second would be Junjou Romantica, while it wasn’t as WTFesque as the first instance somehow I thought the show would simply be a romance anime but halfway through episode one I noticed….. OMG!! This is… this is… (go watch it to find out :P)… After pouring concentrated Hydrochloric acid on my eyes to get the image out I instantly dropped the show and live my life now forever scarred.

3.  If you could be an anime/manga character, who would it be?
Gin from Mushishi, somehow I can relate to him. Always by himself, travelling around helping others and the ability to see and resolve what other’s cannot. While at some point during the show you stop and think that he must live a very lonely life, I still found it captivating somehow.

4. Which means of viewing do you prefer, subbed anime or dubbed anime or do you speak Japanese?
Unfortunately I don’t speak japanese, I mean I picked up a phrase or two from anime but overall… Nope. Subbed or Dubbed? Definitely subbed. Somehow when shows are dubbed the voice actors are often terrible and make you loose the original feel for the show. For example, try watching and episode of gundam 00 subbed then dubbed. Huge difference.

5.  Finally, which anime/manga do you consider to be worth someone’s time?
Death note…. but i’m sure you all already know that. So instead I will recommend 5cm per second. Its a bit slow and its romance but it’s extremely profound and I personally think it deserves a watch by everyone at least once. A good followup to it would be ‘Voices of a distant star’. Watch those two back to back whenever you have some free time and feel for something… deep.

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  1. paperfl0wers says:

    :O I was tagged in her post too. I hadn’t even realized it! Oh and question number 2…how much time you got? lol

  2. Cely_belly says:

    IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!…JK 🙂  
    Nice answers.  LOL @#2.  I love Junjou Romantica~! ^^  And I clearly need to watch Mushishi already….and Voices of a distant star.

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