Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 2

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Okay so to be honest nothing much happened in this episode, i mean if it was skipped i don’t think anyone would even notice that a chunk of the series is missing. Lets see what were the highlights of this episode, ah yes, we got to see the priestess getup (image above) and we found out Saito has.. some very weird perversions. I mean comeon… lemon-chan?

Hm, there was also an ‘incident with him and Tifa because since the incident of him fallin into her familiar summoning spell in episode one she feels like she has been bitten by the Satito love-bug and apparently if he really if her familiar if he kisses her then a rune should appear. At this point, lets just be happy that was was NOT louise who caught them, even though the frequency of explosions aimed at saito has exponentially decreased since the last season, i don’t think he would’ve survived that encounter.

Lets see what else happened? Oh yes, how could i have forgotten, Louise went out on her own at the request of a Plebian who claimed that she was from her country, well more specifically from the area which her family owns. Of course it was a trap and she got paralyzed and pretty much abducted, (btw, correct me if im wrong but isnt that a new record for Zero no Tuskaima? Abducted by episode 2?) Anyways she gets ‘investigated’ by one of her captors, and… sigh, it always amazes me how they do things in this show, like how Tifa has to ‘check’ if he is her familiar, or the ‘investigation’ to get an idea of her level/type of power.

Of course saito finds out a heads out to see her when he was intercepted by one of the… ‘bad guys’ and after pretty much the shortest fightscene possible, he was called off and escaped.

Thanks to Tabitha who was previous a Knight in the Galia Army, she recognized Gensou’s brother and confirmed that it was Galia, who abducted Louise, a messenger arrived minutes later and reported that the army was heading towards the border with what seemed to be an invasion force, yay war!!

Lastly we got a sneak preview at the bad guy for this season (Mr King of Ignorance) and we got to hear him monologue about how he is going to destroy the country by fusing elf magic and void magic.

AAAAAnd it ends here, nothing special really i give this episode a 5/10. I suppose there was a bit of character progression and stuff but in the end it could be summed up in one really short sentence. “Galia army Kidnapped Louise”. Well regardless hope you enjoyed this episode as much as i…. didn’t 🙂

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