Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 3

January 23rd, 2012 in Anime, Episodic Reviews, Zero no Tsukaima F by

Hmmm so we continue off from episode 3, Louise is kidnapped and the Gallia army is heading towards Aqulieia with quite a bit of ships. Now I must admit, this episode was way too fast paced and regardless of the fact that there was quite a bit of action it left me feeling unfulfilled.

Heres everything in a nutshell, Saito rushes to save Louise with Tabitha,  meanwhile on the Gallia’s army ship Joseph (Mister King of ignorance) uses the Founders Mirror to copy Louise’s power to himself, enabling him to use the explosion spell. Upon having the spell he begins using amplification ball-like objects to exponentially augment the explosive power. After setting off two, and destroying quite bit of his and the Aqulieia’s army in the process, he begins planning to send the final down to the heart of the city (i presume) to destroy it.

Why is he suddenly doing this? Here is where it got a bit ridiculous;

“I want to know how much damage I must inflict before i feel regret……
No matter how much land i gained or people i exceuted, I was never appeased…..
This heart might finally be moved after seeing a city demolished”

That is now officially the dumbest villainous motive i have ever heard, even ‘because its Saturday and I had nothing else to do’ would be a much better reason. Jah!

Anyways, back to the story. Louise runs, grabs the orb thingy, jumps out, is caught by saito, returns to the ship with him and Tabitha and they Bombrush it and take down King Joseph! Okay that part was a bit oversimplified but, thats kinda how it felt.. everything just happened, on the bright side though, saito pulled out what i thought i would never see in this Type of anime >< a gun (top image). Had to say i was impressed with that, it was at the very least unexpected.

Overall i’d give this episode a 6.9/10, was actiony and fun but, a bit too fast paced, hope you enjoy though.

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