Zero no Tsukamia F Episode 1

January 11th, 2012 in Anime, Episodic Reviews, Zero no Tsukaima F by

So one of the anime i decided to cover this season is Zero no Tsukamia F, from the start of episode one (ref. image above)..  I would see this was going to be interesting to say the least (no comment on the fact Louise doesn’t seem to mind she isn’t the only one on that bed with Saito).

Now they pretty much went straight to the point here,  Louise and Tiffania are summoned by the Pope who tells them that they are the Three Void Users and that the fate of Romalia is up to them, cool. Just like the previous seasons we have quite a bit of fighting for Saito with Louise being excessively headstrong, Tiffany insecure and Siesta well… being Siesta (clearly the better match here but she keeps helping out the Saito x Louise pair).

Well, if you loved the last 3 seasons you’ll like this one, pretty much the same feel just different adventure. But hey, its supposed to be the final season so lets hope we have some sort of a progression and a definite choice from Saito about whom he chooses (I so deteste open ended anime). Well, i suppose its worth a watch, njoy!

Ze 3 Void Bearers and Queen (with familliars)


Good to see Saito can still fight


Do i need say anything? >.<

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