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Ultimate Ninja StormThe long-waited sequel to “Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2″ is finally here….. The handsome knucklehead ninja makes yet another comeback in”Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3!

Now as we left off in the defeat of Pain in the “pain ark” way back in storm 2 and with the confusion on Storm Generations that left most of us in a wave of confusion and disappointment, Storm 3 makes up for it all.

Ultimate Ninja Storm-itachi

The game starts off with the hidden leaf village being attacked by the pugnacious nine-tailed fox while being controlled by a “Masked Man” using the sharingan. Action flowing left to right as you are first controlling the 3rd hokage in this blazing epic boss battle with the nine tails that leaves you in a wave of excitement, wanting to play more of it with every minute of gameplay and honestly that’s a game totally worth playing.

Even though the game is basically near perfection I had to admit that there were a few cons to the anticipated game as in the character roster and story mode. The 7 swordsmen are not playable characters which had a lot of talk, and also on a lot of the boss battles didn’t go how the anime portrayed it but other than that the game makes it into my top ten games of 2013.

naruto-vs-fox-Ultimate Ninja Storm

The story mode is based off the beginning of the 4th ninja war, the very last war that was evaded by Itachi years ago but later reborn by  Obito Uchiha. It’s exactly as if you’re playing the anime, also free roam is back and you can now go to any village manually (which I love).  The new features are “ultimate decision” which gives you a choice to choose between 2 paths on story mode to go either choosing hero or legend mode before each boss battle.

Also, there are flashbacks on every ultimate jutsu with every character which rosters a little over 60 charters which is an A+ in my school of games.

The game is available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and is already out, I just wanted to let all the anime freaks and non fans know how much of a great job Masashi Kishimoto has done with making this one of the best games out this year and everyone should give it a try (If you’re into anime) but if not also give it a shot trust me you guys won’t be sorry, and that’s why the game gets a 9.0 out of 10.

naruto-naruto-vs-sasuke-Ultimate Ninja Storm

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