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Let’s get something straight- I hate Valentine’s Day.

I’ve decided to make this short little post a sort of “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and, in celebration of a truly evil day, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 anime couples. Because a) I like lists and b) what’s sweeter than when two anime characters fall hopelessly in love with each other? *Sigh* Of course if you’ve read my other posts you may know by now that I’m still pretty new to anime so I don’t have a lot of shows to choose from, but here are the 5 couples who have caught my eye thus far.

(Um, spoilers I guess. Sort of.)

Number 5: Taiga and Ryuuji from Toradora!
They say opposites attract and if any couple was proof of that, it’d be this one. Ryuuji meets Taiga, the takes-no-crap girl whose small stature but hotheaded personality earned her the nickname palmtop tiger. At the start of the anime the two of them, not even friends at this point, are struggling desperately to confess their feelings to their school crushes. When Taiga accidentally reveals to Ryuuji who she loves (she gives him the love letter she’d written), they agree to help each other. Of course they form a closer bond than either of them had thought possible. Taiga’s sharp, cruel remarks mixed with Ryuuji’s patience and compassion makes for a hysterical dynamic, and although Ryuuji may have feelings for another girl, even he can see that she may be just a little too vanilla and he needs a sprinkling of salt.

Number 4: Misato and Kaji from Neon Gensis Evangelion
I always view these as that “hot couple” who you’re always jealous of. In fact I think what puts these lovers on the list isn’t how well they work together (because they don’t, they’re constantly fighting) but just how much a spark you feel when they’re onscreen. They’re just so drawn to each other and the tension is palpable. Chemistry aside, the womanly Misato is certainly not a love interest for Shinji whose timid nature clearly couldn’t satisfy her. Misato may seem very sexual to Shinji, but a reckless gal like her needs someone just as wild and daring to run with her. It’s just a shame to see their relationship go up in flames when Kaji crosses the line with the wrong sorts of people.

Number 3: Suzaku and Euphemia from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Yes, I am a fan of Lelouch and C2, but come on! I was in love with Suzaku and Euhpie’s relationship from the start. They bond together on the grounds that they both want to make the world a better place, and to connect with each other initially because of that is just so heart warming and pure. Also, who doesn’t love the classic beautiful princess meets her white knight scenario? But Euphie isn’t your typical damsel in distress. She may be naïve, but she’s incredibly strong willed and intelligent. The perfect princess for the troubled, well meaning, not so conventional white knight. Their bond is a joy to watch from beginning to heart breaking end.

Number 2: Tohru and Kyo from Fruits Basket
Code Geass may be my all time favorite anime, but there are two couples that just had to rank higher, no matter how fond I am of it. The chemistry between these lovebirds is just too good. While the anime doesn’t touch up on their romantic relationship at all (it actually pushes more toward a Yuki/Tohru ship), the manga is quite generous. Kyo the cat is the family outcast, dismissed and unloved by all the Sohmas. When Tohru comes along she befriends everyone, but she does something a little extra for Kyo. She chooses to love him and because of her ability to love everyone unconditionally, he falls in love with her. Kyo has never gotten along with people very well at all. Shigure even acknowledges this from the start. But when it comes to Tohru this cat has a soft spot.

Honorable mentions go to Riza and Roy, also from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and a teenage boy and a certain green-haired witch who were mentioned earlier. I had a little trouble deciding on the other four, but the number one spot was a no-brainer.

Number 1: Ed and Winry of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Throughout the series Ed and Winry bicker and belittle each other. However, as they transform from childhood friends to teenage lovers, Ed and Winry have the perfect fairytale romance (without the whole Ed having his limbs torn out part). Every once in a while one will say something that will leave the other blushing, but they don’t get a real idea of the strength of their feelings for each other until the end. It’s pretty obvious to us as the viewers but Ed and Winry continue to deny it until they finally are ready to admit that what they have is true love.

7 responses to “Top 5 Anime Pairings”

  1. Cely_belly says:

    Nice ships 🙂 It makes me smile to see Tohru x Kyo and Euphie x Suzaku on your list.  Although that second one is more likely to make me cry D:  They really did make a great couple.  Oh and I love Kyo!  If gets more love in the manga then I gotta start reading cuz I really wanted to see more of that Tohru x Kyo ship.  They were so cute together.

    • paperfl0wers says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you’re a fellow fan of Tohru/Kyo and Euphie/Suzaku. The second one kind of gets lost in the spotlight to CC x Lelouch. I adore Kyo and yeah him and Tohru are the perfect couple. They’re very close behind Ed/Winry on my list. 😀

    • year of the cat ;P says:

      my absolute favourite was Kyo and Tohru 🙂

  2. tsog says:

    “even he can see that she may be just a little too vanilla and he needs a sprinkling of salt”

    Taiga x Ryuji is my top couple so far.

  3. Rosinia blaze says:

    i just love ed and winry

  4. Alderkonig says:

    Rintarou Okabe x Makise Kurisu (Steins; Gate)
    Lawrence Kraft x Horo (Spice and Wolf)

    Also pretty cute couples tbh.

  5. FairyTail<3 says:

    how about Levi and Gajeel from Fairy Tail?

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