Character Rant: Kikyo

July 19th, 2013 in Anime, Rants by


Kikyo from Inuyasha is honestly one of the most infuriating characters I’ve ever watched. Even after she finds out that Inuyasha didn’t kill her she still sides with Naraku and his plans of killing Inuyasha. Of course her argument is since she’s a technically “a living corpse’ all she wants is to become human again, but that chance died when she decided to shoot Inuyasha to a tree. She could’ve continued on living if she didn’t shoot him with that arrow. She would’ve been free to live a Priestess life hood, but no she killed herself with shooting him with her arrow.

True at the time she did think that he betrayed her, but back to the original point of that she eventually figured out that he didn’t but she still hated him for something he didn’t do. Which brings me to why she would hate him. My first reason that she’s jealous of the fact that he’s beginning to love Kagome who I have been routing for since I first started watching the series. My other reason is the fact that Inuyasha never died the day she died though that had been her original plan. He was able to move on 50 years later while her soul was moved into Kagome (must’ve made her dead self tremble in rage). Plus the fact he’s falling in love with her reincarnation must’ve have been a punch in the face.

Now here is the biggest reason why Kikyo infuriates me: She is stealing Inuyasha from Kagome. She had him once and then decided to kill him, so she lost her chance on having him. Yet she continues to put Inuyasha and Kagome through mayhem simply because she doesn’t want him anymore but no one else can have him. This is blasphemous. She should simply leave them alone after all she did try to kill him and his friends at multiple points through out the anime. Not to mention she’s stealing the souls of young women to keep her alive which is killing more people than she once promised to save. This makes her seem as though she doesn’t care about the sake of humanity; It makes it seem as though she went back on her word. Kikyo was once a person who cared but death had changed her and made into what she was once dealing with: a demon.

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