Character Rave: Light Yagami

August 21st, 2013 in Anime, Rants by

You really are, aren't you?

You really are, aren’t you?

Recently I started watching Death Note (one of the few anime I have yet to watch). Now, I’m not completely done with the series but I’ve watched enough of it to be able to identify my favorite character. As of the moment, this would be Light Yagami. He has a very interesting view of wrong and right; has solutions for the problems that occur during his revision of the world; and is probably one of the most independent characters I’ve seen.

Light, also known as Kira (which is probably how I’ll refer to him), uses the Death Note to create a world based on his sense of right and wrong. He writes down the names of people who have done something morally wrong (so basically murderers, rapists, and/or thieves) and considers it justice when they die forty or so seconds later. In the process though, he is technically killing people; which by his standards is something wrong. This makes me believe his judgement is something along the lines of “do as I say, not as I do”.  While he is my favorite character, his righteousness will eventually get on my nerves.

The second reason Kira is my favorite character is the way he finds solutions his to problems. Whenever the lead investigator, L, throws a new situation at him, he figures out a way to overcome the problem. Honestly, even when he joins the task force, he creates a way to still be an investigator and Kira at the same time without blowing his cover (once again I have only seen the first 14 episodes or so). He’s quite the problem solver; which is a trait I admire because I have much difficulty in solving problems myself.

Lastly, Kira is very independent. He doesn’t really rely on anyone (at least as far as I have seen…). He doesn’t even rely on Ryuk, the shinigami (death god) he got the Death Note from. His independence was truly shown when the second “kira” popped up: he didn’t care for the way she butted into his world re-creation plan (well at least at first). Of course, he later manipulated her into doing his bidding (which honestly wasn’t that hard considering she wanted to do so in the first place). Nevertheless, he really is a master manipulator since he basically just uses everyone and kills them later.

While Kira is probably one of the most deceitful characters I’ve seen, he has an image of a better world; which, though many have, few are like him in doing something to accomplish it. I really enjoy his thought process; it’s probably one of the reasons I enjoy the anime so much.

These are pretty much the main reasons Kira appeals to me so greatly; making Light Yagami hands down my favorite character of this anime.

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