Rave: Loveless

October 31st, 2013 in Anime, Rants by

Ritsuka (dark hair) and Sobei (light hair.. but this rave isn’t really about him)

Loveless is just one of those anime I could watch/read a thousand times and never get tired of it; I absolutely adore it. I have spent hours of my time (which I don’t have a lot of anymore since school started) watching and reading this particular anime/manga combo. Loveless has slowly but surely taken over my heart. I suppose one could say that is a normal reaction for me seeing as I have I have said same with multiple anime but I am insisting still, that Loveless is a special case. It has secured its spot in my list of addictions (which includes One Piece, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, and a bazillion others) because it has taken the word “neko” to an entirely different level, it speaks the importance of keeping memories, and its characters left me spellbound.

Now you may be wondering what I mean’t by ‘it has taken the word “neko” to an entirely different level’. In the anime/manga all of the younger characters are cat people. Now I suppose you’re wondering why only ‘younger characters’… well it’s because they haven’t been in a “serious” relationship yet. In other words, they haven’t done anything promiscuous. (Thank God, seeing how the main young characters are twelve!). Most people don’t necessarily think of stuff like that when they decide to create a new manga. Normally it’s based off of one of the more popular topics like Giant fighting robots or zombies. It’s quite unique that they would put so much detail into such a topic.

Another reason I’m so crazy about Loveless is because of how it speaks about the importance of memories. This actually hit a soft spot for me because I can’t really remember most of my childhood. The main character, Ritsuka Aoyagi, lost the memories he had from the ages of 1-10 which caused him to go from a carefree, outgoing and average kid to an antisocial but highly intelligent one. Due to this loss he is deathly afraid of loosing any more so he tries to capture everything with a camera in order to remember all that’s he’s done. As the character I relate the most to, He see the world pretty much the same way I see it, which is nice for a change compared to having characters who only have faint trains of thought similar to that which I do.

Ritsuka, being afraid of forgetting, pushed everyone away except for a select few. All who remained (the main characters) have a role in the world of Loveless, in one way or another they help him open up a little more. Whether it’s his not-so-dead brother, or the 19 year old who claims to be in love with him, they break him out of his shell little by little. They all have a quality that draws you further into the story until you don’t have the strength to let go. Making them the most prominent reason why became quickly addicted to this story.

While loveless is just one of the many anime/ manga I’ve seen/ read, it certainly is the one that has stuck in my mind the longest (probably because I obsessively read manga when I don’t have access to my computer…) Regardless, It has left me completely captivated with its story, characters, art, and everything else I can’t list because I don’t have words for it. This story is truly one of the best I’ve seen. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

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