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Initially, I was concerned. This was another magic academy show, where their talents would be honed to a razor-sharp edge, potentially no different than “Bahamet”, or “Asterisk War” or, more closely aligned, “Sky Wizard Academy”. In fact, there is even a school magic festival, where classes compete against one another. The key distinction may be the instructor, thus the rather odd title of “Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor” (“Roku de Nashi Majutsu Kōshi to Akashikku Rekōdo”).

Up there is Glenn Radars, a major slacker. He would rather not do so, but ends up having to do so. He has been transferred into the academy as a teacher, based on the recommendation of Celica Arfonia, a respected educator at this place. Despite his rather unorthodox approach to teaching, his knowledge is beyond reproach…..when he decides to trot it out. The lion’s share of attention go to those two up there: Sistine Fibel (getting fed) whom Glenn calls ‘White Cat” (Note the odd hair style) and her best friend, Rumia Tingel (blondie). Rumia has a deep secret that could change the world if it gets out….so you’ll have to find out about it yourself.

Anyway, we go through the machinations of giving these kids a practical education in the use of magic, as it is more than just saying the words, but how you say those words. We also learn of Glenn’s painful past and how everyone seems to be interconnected. Glenn is, by turns, irritating and frustrating and committed and aware. He’s been around the block a couple of times, so he has a weary nature to him.

The real fun comes during the Magic Festival, where the classes get to showcase themselves. And, as you would expect, Glenn has his alternative approach that puts people on their heels. All of this pales when the True Threat arrives and Glenn has to pull out all the stops in order to protect those he is in charge of.

This is another series that started out with a lot of potential, but faded into safe and stale tropes. You kind of know how it will turn out, so you are merely watching the actions and interactions. And the villains aren’t really evil or villainous, more like an annoyance, like when you get a burr in your shoe. Yes, we know they are evil, but none too off-putting or making me recoil in fear. There are a couple of late-series plot turns, implying that a second season would clear them all up. It’s just that I cannot figure out where the series will go, unless it is more revelations as to Glenn’s past. But that means we ignore the flirty girls in their flirty outfits. Such a dilemma!

Oh, yes, you had better damn well binge this show. The way things are constructed, I find school setting animes can benefit from the binge, as you go to school every day and it helps with seeing the real development of the students. It also really assists with the closing arc, as the action moves and moves you, even with the cardboard villains twirling their handlebar moustaches (figuratively speaking, of course).


On a scale of 1 to 10:


Artwork           7 (Well, the ladies are cute)
Plot                  8 (Involved approach to the story)
Pacing              7 (Moves along consistently)
Effectiveness   8 (Tale presented in a firm, deliberate manner)
Conclusion       7 (It reaches a ‘coupler point’, but hasn’t ended)
Fan Service      2 (A similar show would be “Okamisan”)
Bingeability     8 (Helps propel the plot)

Overall            7 (A bit irritated about needing a second season)

And remember, it’s first run until you’ve seen it. Class dismissed.

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