Anime is More Than Meets The Eye: Introduction from Vorgun

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More Than Meets The Eye

Like a lot of people Ninja Scroll was one of the first anime movies I had the luxury of watching.  After observing how unique it was compared to other ‘cartoons’ I had seen over the previous years I began to do research to find similar productions.  Of course, back in the 90’s I didn’t realize a lot of shows I was currently watching were actually imported from Japan.  After learning the difference I understood the first genuine anime show I actually watched was the Original Transformers.

Since then I’ve watched everything from Princess Mononoke, Gungrave, Black Blood Brothers, to more recent stuff such as Kingdom.  I may take a little bit more of an old school approach to stuff I see today in large part due to the fact I believe Xenogears is the best game of all time in my opinion.  I previously played games along with watching anime prior to Xenogears, but it helped facilitate the foundation for my enthusiasm in all things anime/game related when ID tossed the Yggdrasil on Bart. (The graphics are cheesy compared to today’s standards I know.)

The good thing about a lot of anime is the Japanese actually do their research.  Anyone who studies history knows they take ideas along with stories from almost every single culture dating back to 4000 B.C. all the way up to modern times.  Shows take modern science and astronomy theories along with ancient debunked concepts to throw audiences into greater understanding of the world each show is trying to portray.  Anime shows manage to do all of this without making adults scratch their heads as to what story line they are trying to depict, along with keeping children just as interested in every episode that is presented to them.  The spins they put on the stories lead to a vast mixture of character development, top-notch story lines, in addition to illustrations that distinguish themselves from all other types of animated productions across the globe.

I started writing over a year ago as a way to sharpen my skills for my resume in the private sector.  Since then it has taken its own form to become a hobby that I try to maintain as a skill set. Leading me to the core of why I asked to become a writer for this site.  I’m here to do my small part in trying to bring anything I find noteworthy in the world of past, present, and future anime to light for people to read.  I understand not every anime show is good; in fact some shows are horrible. In spite of possibly finding a few bad eggs; I will try to find the more interesting ones mentioned in the paragraph above.  I learned a long time ago that demanding people do or don’t do something is rather pointless, since we can only focus on things we can control.  The various postings I give will only be guides and opinions for the audience to decide on whether they want to follow-up on anything I present to them.

  • Favorite Anime: Area 88, Berserk, Cowboy Bebop, FMA, GunGrave, Hellsing, Outlaw Star, Record of Lodoss War, Samurai 7, Street Fighter II V, Trigun, ……and more.
  • Favorite Movies: Advent Children, Akira, Princess Mononoke, Vampire Hunter D
  • Preferred Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Magic, Martial Arts, Medieval, Military, Samurai, Science fiction, Seinen, Suspense, Thriller, Vampire
  • Currently Watching: Canaan, Kingdom, Shiki
  • Current Reading: Elric of Melnibone
  • Hobbies: Anime, College Football (Boise State), MMO’s (AoC, DCUO, LoTRO), Writing

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