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Ever so many times in the past I have been asked ‘What do you do when you’re not watching anime?’ and I suppose I could always reply with the very obvious ‘well blogging of course!’. Truth be told, while a lot of my free time goes into blogging I do have school, my other half and other miscellaneous hobbies. Now as the first two are private and shall forever remain a mystery I shall be giving some insight on my other hobbies (yay >.<!!).

  • SLEEP! –  I’m not sure if this can exactly be considered a hobby but it seems recently I’ve been doing it so much I might as well put it in.
  • Gaming – Sad to say I haven’t exactly had much time for this one recently (sacrifice sleep time? Nevuh!). As I prefer the community feel of MMORPG’S my game of choice would be Cabal Online but I should also mention at a certain point it sucked up so much of my time (and some money) I might as well have switched to Party Casino (at least there I would have the chance of winning!)
  • Information Security – Some call it hacking, others call it penetration testing but whatever the name it involves compromising a vulnerable system which actually is as thrilling as it sounds minus well, what you see on tv (it’s nowhere near as quick and easy as they make it seem.. well most times anyways). Ah yes, I believe it is also worth mentioning that I only work on the ethical side of the spectrum and have had my certification for about 3 years now (so there’s some experience under my belt).
  •  Programming – I suppose that goes hand in hand with the previous one although but I have been doing it for way longer (since high school) and I try to integrate it into all aspects of life. For example, if I need a specific plugin for my blog and I can’t find one to do the job, I create one. I’m playing a MMORPG and tired of grinding, I create a program to ‘assist’. Definitely my most versatile hobby.
  • ANIME!!! – Yes I know I said my ‘other’ hobbies but this post just didn’t feel complete if that was not mentioned. How much anime do I watch? Well definitely more than I blog about, for the list of the shows I am currently watching I believe I have already mentioned where to find it ( ).

Well that’s about it, and although I should probably have put this in an ‘About me’ or ‘About the Authors’ section, I have huge plans for that area in the future so currently leaving it open.

7 responses to “Façade : A little more about me”

  1. Cely_belly says:

    Interesting hobbies. Sleep is one of my favorites as well 😛 You seem to be very familiar with computers…that’s awesome 🙂

  2. awkward username says:

    HA! I found a comrade.

  3. Utaublue says:

    The dude in the pic Lawrence from Spice and the wolf??

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