Amagami SS+ 3 & 4 – Sakurai Arc

February 9th, 2012 in Amagami SS+ Plus, Anime, Episodic Reviews by

I feel your pain Junichi

Pretty sure one can tell from when I finally got around to writing this that I’m really not interested in this arc. Since the previous season she was a bit too soft-spoken and shy for my liking and everything progressed so slowly. In fact there was no progression, the guy simply felt sorry for her and joined the tea club. On the bright side we see more definite proof that that Junichi is just as pervy as his guy friends but we still have to bear with Sakurai’s annoying self-consciousness about her weight.

So after grinding through those two episodes, you what happened? Absolutely nothing, was a dud up to the end. True, she confessed.. wait.. no she didn’t, he did, but it was so stretched out and annoying when it came it was like more of ‘good riddance’ than ‘awwwww’. Sigh, why on earth did i decide to pick up this show this season. Could have picked up Nisemonogatari, HighSchool DxD or even Poyopoyo Kansatu Nikki.

I really hope the last 4 arcs are better or at least half as good as the first arc was, and with that I’m ending this here.

Sakurai Arc, an expected disappointment

nuff said

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