Amagami SS+ plus 1 & 2 – Ayatsuji Arc

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Amagami SS+ Plus Episodes 1 and 2

Ah yes, another show i decided to see this season would be Amagami SS+ (Plus), now as far as first impressions go, the first 10 or so seconds got me thinking… AWESOME! I knew it was gonna be a continuation with each of the characters from the last season but i like how they are taking this XD. Sadly, soon enough that bubble is popped as he was only just dreaming (don’t you hate when that happens?).

Anyways the last season revolved around the founders festival or something like that right? so i was wondering if this one would be the same, outlining the possible developments with each possible pair in a set amount of time, hmmmm that format kinda leaves the possibility of Amagami SS++ and Amagami SS+++ until we have at the end the couples being old on a wheelchairs as Amagami SS(59+). Later on in episode 1 i realized i was right yup yup, i believe this one is going to revolve around the student council elections.

Okay, now is where this is starting to get really good, up for student council elections are

and each one going up for president needs select a Vice-President. Now this is the Ayatsuji arc and by default she selects her boyfriend (Junichi Tachibana) but Noriko Kurosawa (rightmost on the picture) also selects him which is seen as a public confession. Of course, Ayatsuji confronts him about it and he admits that he has never spoken to her before, of course as the story progresses we have the intricate but incredibly cliché progression where Kurosawa makes a confession to Junichi (be it genuine or not i couldn’t care less) and leads Ayatsuji to see as soon as she forces a kiss onto him, exhales.. is there a single romance anime that doesn’t have this happen? Kinda was hoping for something new.

Anyways episode 1 ends there and picks up in episode 2 where the unexpected happened, she was not angry, in fact she was anything but that, she saw right through their plan to disorient her. 🙂 and here i thought she was going to fall for it like every other lesser intelligent female protagonist in other shows. Anyways we move on to presidential speeches and VOTING TIME!!! YAYYY!!! and the results aree!! *drumroll* The gay guy on the left that noone knows about… YAY!!!!

Okay i lied, its Junichi :), so yesh, i can now sit back on my chair, pet my super kawaii kitty and say that yes, all is right with the world. Of course at the end Junichi gets a little Ayatsuji bathroom action, she is formally enrolled as Student Council President and they live happily ever after.

Well thats basically the end of this arc, was pretty good i suppose 7.5/10!

And just for fun hers the little bit of the intro in episode 1 that set my mind wandering.

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