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He just looks awesome doesn't he?

Episode 10 of the 12 to air this season and although things are starting to shape up to give us all the nice mellow ending that everyone would be content with, somewhere in my gut there’s a little man screaming out that we haven’t seen all there is to offer. That there is something hidden in the plot just waiting to pop. And while on one hand I really want things to settle so that the anime can end, I also want something BIG forcing there to be a second season (hey I really like that show ok).

As I mentioned today was relatively slow but not in any negative way whatsoever, we had quite a bit of personal growth where Kanna and Tetsurou is concerned and Mio is very gradually coming out of her shell. Although our main characters Kaito and Ichika were not the focus of this episode, the few moments where they had their screen time was nothing less than fastastic (especially at that point where Remon slides Kaito that *clears throat* item ). And for those who failed to notice >.< Kaito not only immediately knew what it was but stashed it into his pocket, and although it seemed as if he only took it so Ichika would not see it. When the need arrives *whispers* Kaito you’re good to go. 

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Its really cute how normal and romantic their relationship is, although the fact that they had quite a few days to themselves almost uninterrupted (something unheard of in romantic comedys) points towards the possibility of something BIG going down in the latter episodes. The phrase ‘Too good to be true” comes to mind as it always follows that ‘the quantity of romantic time that an anime couple has uninterrupted (in a romantic comedy) is Directly Proportional to the size of the problem they are going to face when it arrives” (Law of conservation of adversity).

Mio finally confronted Tetsurou and asked for her answer (as we recall, when she confessed to him she didn’t let him give her one). Of course Tetsurou (madly in love with Kanna) started turning her down as nicely as he could with the ‘Its not that I don’t like you but I don’t love you’ speech. Thankfully Mio’s a smart girl, she noticed where he was going with it and stopped him short.

After returning home and speaking to Kaito who confirms that yea he’s now with Ichika. Tetsurou begins loosing his cool, I remember in a previous post I was questioning whether Tetsurou was doing things (ie. inviting Ichika to the movie and telling Kaito that Kanna Loves him) because he was selfless and wanted to help Kanna hook up with Kaito or it was an elaborate plot to speed up Ichika x Kaito so Kanna would be ‘unbounded’ and so free for the taking.

Apparantly Testurou himself didn’t know which he was doing and as a result began beating up himself (the guilt of hurting the one you love is a tough one). The emotional strain caused him to finally confess to Kanna which sort of had the domino effect as it led Kanna (after shooting him down of course) straight to Kaito’s where she finally confessed to him, where he in turn blatantly told her that he likes Ichika and not her. I was actually surprised at how Kanna took it, I understood that she already knew that he was not going to accept her but she was smiling about it, I suppose that little detail kinda caught me offguard.

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Well that was more or less it for this episode, excellent overall a definite 9/10 .

Oh GOD! After writing this I got a bit curious and decided to look at the preview for episode 11 (normally I don’t watch previews, I prefer the episode surprise me). And …. [spoiler show=”Spoiler!”]

I WAS RIGHT! There is something huge comming down next episode

Clothes look familiar? Big sis anyone?


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  1. Cely_belly says:

    Kanna is so brave!! (╥﹏╥) This was a good episode indeed. Slower than the past few as you say, but good nonetheless. Interesting what you say about Kaito x Ichika’s uninterrupted time…oooohh.
    Next episode looks like fun!

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