Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 11

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I'm liking the focus Kaito!

What started out as a heart-wrenching parting of friends turned out to be a comical race against the clock to God knows were. The pace this episode was nowhere near the usual for this show, it was actually slightly rushed but was a pleasant change. At the end of this episode I’m sure everyone who has been following this show was on their toes anxiously anticipating the next moment.

One more episode to go, the grand finale. Will they find the place and promote Earth from level F allowing Ichika to stay? Or will they find something else entirely, something so profound that although Ichika has to leave they all come to a greater realization that it was for the best? While all points to option one Ano Natsu has proven itself to be very unpredictable time and time again (:O is that bus part Optimus Prime??)

Its good to finally have everyone aware of each others feelings and even better that we have things settled Tetsurou x Mio and Kaito x Ichika. Kanna, well unless Ichika leaves then she’ll just have to deal with being alone for now although I love how she screamed ‘You’ll regret it in 3 years’ (even though i’m pretty sure he won’t). Well as we say in le français comme si comme ça (one can interpret it here as.. ‘it is as it is’).

One last thing that has been bugging me though, Remon…. I get that she is a Senior and more mature and stuff but is she really just a normal student? I mean she has to be an alien or at least MIB well…  FIB (female in black >< ) because she adapts to all these changes wayyy too quickly, and why does she always know what to do.. Where did she get that bus! and she can drive like a baws (sorry for my frequent use of colloquial language). Anyways I can’t wait till the next episode, lets see how far Tetsurou gets before Kanna has to save him, and also what she in turn does when confronted by a huge alien lifeform (GO KANNA GO!). Overall grade this episode 9.0/10.

Ah yes as I am wrapping this up  maybe you’ve noticed but I’ve decided that today my writing style changed a bit, well thats simply because I realized I strayed and began doing Episode Recaps instead of Reviews persay. I figure everyone reading this for instance has already seen Ano Natsu Ep 11 and don’t need me to bore you again with what happened instead we shalt have these small caps of my favorite scenes as reference 🙂

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  1. Cely_belly says:

    AHHH!!! I was definitely at the edge of my seat! Just two more days!! >.< Okay.

    Can't wait to find out Remon's true identity. It would be cool if she were FIB. XD Sigh. I'm gonna miss this series 🙁

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