Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 3

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I’ve always wondered why they give this show its name (Eng: ‘Waiting in the Summer”) but as it progresses I think i’m starting to get a general idea of why…. unfortunately that ‘general idea’ is nowhere near concrete enough for me to be able to put in into words and so ill be taking a raincheque on explaining that one :). Anyways in this episode we simply have the resolution of a misunderstanding and i suppose some slight progression in terms of the relationships between pretty much all the characters confirming what one could call a love tri… well.. pentagon… (Kitahara > Tetsuro > Kanna > Kaito > Ichika) of which all is one sided.

Now after Kaito’s very vague and uncompleted confession to Ichika during the last episode we had this result; Kaito believed that she knew he was going to confess but rejected him because he was not nearly good enough for her,whereas Ichika believed Kaito was going to tell her that he knew she was an alien and therefore she was afraid that he would be calling the ‘MIB’ (men in black) to arrest her.

Psssh, who said aliens weren't afraid of anything?

Of course he skips school because he did not have nearly enough heart to face her after his supposed rejection and instead went out with Kanna as she was worried and went to visit him after school. Now, as Kaito’s other friends were worried as well, they also headed towards his house but as they arrived after Kanna, they witnessed the two going out and due to the influence of Remon (she kinda reminds me of palm-top tiger in Toradora) they discretely followed the two.

Due to Remons interference Kanna was unable to properly confess her love to Kaito and in her extremely embarrassed state, ended up running after her, leaving kaito free to bounce up with Ichika. Where it was more or less resolved that hey, neither of us knows what the other is making a fuss about and they went on their merry way. (props to the animators for not dragging out the confusion as many other shows do, i love the apparant ‘get-to-the-point-ness’).  At this point I more or less thought that hey, this was going to be a disappointing ending since although it was resolved that there was a misunderstanding, I realllly wanted some sort of recognition of Kaitos feelings to happen, where in the last few seconds of the show Ichika brought up the question of who is the one he likes.

Tanigawa… no
Kitahara…. no
“Then… could it be me?”

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  1. Cely_belly says:

    Oh yes 🙂 That love pentagon going on is gonna be interesting muahaha >.<

  2. Cely_belly says:

    Oh yes 🙂 That love pentagon going on is gonna be interesting muahaha >.<

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