Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 4

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Ah Yes! There’s nothing like the fresh scent of rivalry to catalyse ones relationship, and thats exactly what were having :). Unbeknown to Ichiko, Ogura Minami (Tetsurou’s older sister) was just that, popping in and using her acute ‘I can cause some trouble here’ senses, grabs hold of Kaito and takes off for an afternoon of frivolous activities. Now a few things must be taken into consideration, Ogura is really good looking (appearance-wise she’d be my personal fav XD) and from what I can tell its in her nature to use that to her advantage, you then mix that in with her slight promiscuous aura and as a result you have a really riled up Ichika.

Of course at first she tries to convince herself that she’s just so emotionally involved to that point of stalking them because its her duty to ‘take care’ of Kaito but pssh, I think after today we have an Ichiko who is very much aware of her feelings for our protagonist, after all its a given rule that if you come from a distant planet you can only kiss an earthling one so many times before falling hopelessly in love…. Cute right?

Its good to note though that due to all the excitement, the awkwardness that was caused by Kaito’s non verbal confession and its response  by Ichika (Fight or Flight? Definitely flight for this one) was settled and everything is back to normal, at least as normal as it gets in this show.

On a lighter note, I think I’m starting to feel for Kanna as she was there first and she seems to really like the guy (whatever happened to first come first serve huh? (FILO Stack algorithm comes to mind here but lets leave those ramblings for another time)). It seems  that either way, at the end of this show someone is going to be disappointed. As it seems Kaito and Ichika are hitting it off, Tetsuro has to choose between loving (Kanna) and being loved (Mio). I suppose theres always the chance that Ichika leaves earth, Kaito acknowledges and reciprocates Kanna’s feelings and Tetsurou takes one for the team with Mio… then again.. how the hell is that guy crushing on Kanna over Mio? Has he not seem Mio? Well as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I suppose he’s simply in for a new pair of glasses. Then again, I do have this thing for long hair so maybe its just me.

Ah yes, as I added that pic I remembered, its weird that even with the love Pentagon thats going on, its vaguely interesting how everyone can stay so friendly and acceptive of each other, that’s friendship at its best right there, lets hope it stays as is and as they become more aware of their rivals, this season of Waiting in the Summer doesn’t turn to Summer Wars 2.0.

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  1. Cely_belly says:

    IKR? This love triangle or whatever is sure to come with plenty of mixed emotions….and if I end up crying…it is sure to win me over.

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