Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 6

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This week’s episode of Ano Natsu de Matteru was pretty interesting develomentwise but overall I found it to be a tad disappointing, as i’ve said before the thing I loved the most about Ano was its unexpectedness. I’m sure that you all can agree that each romantic comedy has a few cliché elements that well, gets a bit repetitive. As ‘The Droid’ Noted in his post Not a Big Fan of Fan Service

I can pretty much guarantee that every romantic comedy will have at least three opportunities for fan service: a day at the beach, an afternoon of clothes shopping and a night at the bathhouse. Three guaranteed sessions!

 Well today was that guaranteed beach session, I do give though that they tried their best to mix it up somewhat by adding the even more cliché fateful encounter with a childhood friend (who just happens to love you unconditionally) but it just felt somewhat lacking. Maybe its just me for having such a high expectation for the show but hey, lets wait and see.

Anyways enough about that, as I mentioned we had a beach session today and not only did Kaito have his admirer (or should I say long lost love) get him into a world of trouble with Kanna as well as Ichika, but Tetsurou got his own fair share of awkward yet delightful moments with Mio thanks to the forcefullness of Kaito’s fiancée’s friend (didn’t bother remember her name… was it even said?)… I was thinking and I wonder if Tetsurou was just that great or that she jumps from guy to guy… shrugs either way he better watch out she looks like one of those certified crazies.

Then again… if it results in Mio getting all riled up, launching a flying jump kick across the room and landing in this position

Exposing her habit.. and in essense her…. well then *coughs* I wont mind seeing some more of crazy chick, especially as it seems that this beach arc thingy is going to extend to another episode.

At the end Kaito gets confessed to (lucky b*astard) and surprisingly he actually had the stomach to reject her and say that hey, I already love someone *pats Kaito on back*.. well done son. Sadly (this part kinda annoyed me) Ichika arrived just in time to not see Kaito giving his very awesome rejection but to see a very desperate yet delicate young woman being overcome with emotion and rushing towards a very unexpecting Kaito. Sigh, lord knows the poor boy tries.

Well, that was it for this episode don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad, in fact it was better than that of most other shows its just that I got used to a certain level of greatness with this show and this one was a slight disappointment. Still I give it an episodical ranking of 8/10

You know you want it Kaito


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  1. Cely_belly says:

    I hate those situations! Ichika should have been there when he rejected her but it just has to be oh so dramatic. I also really love Lemon more and more each episode. And rinon was adorable as always..getting eaten by a fish. XD

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