Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 7

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I remember a few years back I was going to a friends house when I saw this little poodle in the opposing yard, being as small as it was it slid through the bars of the gate and came into the road barking at me. Being no stranger to dogs I calmly took a step in its direction and shouted BOO! It immediately ran back into the yard, and shot to the back of the house as fast as its tiny legs possibly could and while I stood there literally dying of laughter… I saw him/her coming back with Butch (the name implies all).

The fear and unexpectedness I felt at that moment reminded me of this episode, whereas episode 6 was like that little poodle, it needed to be there to have this grand, final explosion which we call episode 7. We confirmed that Kaori’s sudden feelings for Kaito was partly.. PARTLY! due to her recently having a breakup with her boyfriend and in fact she only made the trip to Okinawa to help her get over it. Of course after having been shot down last episode she decided to be very mature about it and move out of Kaito and Ichika’s way.

Even Arisawa (finally remembered her name) as forceful as she is had to back off when she saw what was going on with Tetsurou and Mio. With that said I feel I should give Mio some recognition, she not only confessed her secret (of being a nudist) to the person she loves and a (semi) stranger and rival, she confessed her love to Tetsurou even while knowing what his answer would be all in one go. I’d say that takes some guts so hats off to you my dear Mio and Good Job.


And to mister Kaito you dog you, taking the slightest opportunity to go for the home run my hats off to you too. You my lad never fail to disappoint, and Ickika’s slight attempt to resist him and to some degree herself made the moment all the more memorable. Was too bad they had to be interrupted by a very drunk Kanna. I swear I thought she (Kanna) would’ve learnt from the first time, and doesn’t she ever read the can label? Im sure theres a 5% alcohol somewhere on there…. unless Remon is somehow spiking them (I can so see her doing that).

And that huge camera Remon always carries with her! while Kaito’s will contain the intended movie, I think what’s contained in the one of Remon’s will be much much more interesting to look at. She’s always there when all the ‘good’ scenes are taking place.

Lastly but possibly by far one of the most interesting developments this episode, Rinon… What did you do rinon… Upon being half squashed to death by a flying Arisawa, he.. she.. it? seems to have sent Ichika’s spaceship flying off into space. What will be the repercussions of that well, we’ll have to wait and see wont we? I’m willing to bet its not simply a matter of Rinon willing it back down. Will it be the cause for other aliens to arrive to earth in search for Ichika? In my opinion that seems most probable but lord knows I’ve been wrong before so I’ll here here eagerly anticipating epsiode 8.

Rinon, what did you dooo...

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  1. Cely_belly says:

    LOL. Omg I love everything about this episode!! Can’t wait for next week’s.

    How does Lemon do it? That dynamite drink of hers must be delicious XD

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