Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 9

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This week’s episode of Ano was nothing short of a masterpiece hitting a straight 12 on the Richter Scale. Flashing back to last week we ended with a cliffhanger where the rescue pod that was sent down to pick up Ichika got destroyed (compliments to our tag team of Rinon and Kaito) and with Kaito injured in the process she had to use her ‘skill’ to heal him.

Now of course the explosion of an alien pod is going to attract quite a bit of attention and Ichika’s friends had just enough time to arrive on scene to see Ichika in her vulnerable state. Now I will give it to Ichika, while she could’ve hid it or make up some sort of excuse she didn’t, she immediately decided to fess up and tell her friends what she really is

Now after the surprise of that night, Ichika began feeling that she was imposing on her friends began actively avoiding them (especially Kaito) by occupying herself with searching for the place in her memories. Kaito feeling all lonely without her around (as she leaves in the early morning and only returned in the evening) decided to go along with her and aid in a search, an offer she so readily declined and disappeared off.

As a result, Kaito (as any other human being would do) began sulking and to clear his mind and/or to organize his thoughts went out to capture some scenery where he bumped into my little fairy of a person, Remon. At times like this you remember that Remon is actually senior to all of them, she recommended to Kaito that he take into consideration Ichika’s feelings and try to do what he can.

Kaito after thinking about it decided to help out Ichika in her search by going to and taking pictures of every location which fit the description (trees and a lake.. pretty vague dontcha think?) . In the process of doing that he was spotted by Kanna who finally came to the realization that Kaito was beyond her reach and so the following morning approached Ichika and well pretty much said everything that was on her mind. And as I lack the words to express what happened from then on… I will use this collage of Images

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As an added bonus to this episode we also explored the past as we flashbacked to the day when Kaito first transferred into Kanna’s class. It added extra emphasis on the fact that Kanna has been there for years loving Kaito profoundly. Somehow it made me feel really sorry for her and although I am pro Kaito x Ichika and Tetsurou x Kanna, I really hope they can work out something for her I truly believe she deserves it.

Overall I give this episode an astounding 9.8 (Highest I have ever given a single episode) but I believe anyone who follows this series would agree that its deserving of it.

ps. my apologies for all the image clutter.. Just felt like they needed to be shown
pss. Have I mentioned I REALLY wanna see what’s on that camera, it’s…. always right there.

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  1. Cely_belly says:

    AWW D: I feel so bad for Kanna. I think she might end up losing to Mio as well. It would be good for Kanna to gain strength from that . . to be that character that can pull through anything. Still, so sad. It was a great episode. I really want to see Remon’s recordings too. ^^

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