Ano Natsu de Matteru Final

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"If you want to mess with her...I'll show you how badass I am"

A brilliant An ABSOLUTELY PERFECT end to what was possibly the best anime this season, notwithstanding the fact that they were delivering a very cliché story I have to say that they did an awesome job with it. Throughout the course of this episode I pretty much switched through 4 phases.

The first being the hype of Remon handling that robot bus like it was a toy car and the fact that she was indeed MIB (finally our suspicions have been confirmed). This also explains how she knew Manami (Tetsurou’s sister) seeing as her husband was also MIB. My only remaining question is… how old is remon? Also we got to see biker Rinon again (cen never get tired of seeing that)

The second was of intense anticipation and ‘awww-they-look-so-cute-together-ness’ from the point where they were on the train up till that crystal memory pod archive thing appeared from the lake and placed them both in the memory. Im my mind I thought YES! THEY MADE IT! AWESOME! I Have to give it to Ichika and Kaito they are an awesome couple, they don’t struggle to say what needs to be said or what is important (glares at Kimi ni Todoke, whole bleddy season and nothing significant happened).

The third wave of emotion dawned upon me when I noticed that the tree was no longer there. No tree = No proof = Bye Bye Ichika, I felt my heart cringe when I saw her picked up and leaving our atmosphere, poor Kaito.. I really feel for you dude. The feeling remained while I saw Remon announce that she was “transferring” and hands Kaito the Movie Reels. Then the movie, oh lord the movie…. While i always said that I wanted to see what was on that tape. Sigh, the essence of the show was so perfectly captured that it just intensified the thickness of the air and made the reality of her being gone even more disheartening .

And finally the last wave was this.. shimmer of hope followed by rejoice and estatic feeling. The Epilogue, at first I thought awesome.. MIB Remon in the spot then noticed, awesome Rinon Stayed back and he has the schematics to rebuild (repair) Ichika’s spacecraft so maybe Kaito might see Ichika in the near future after all (shimmer of hope). Then it moved on to the school fair and I thought that hey, they finished the movie and presented it but….wait, that cant be he said ‘I saw it last year’ meaning… This is the second movie (at this point I was l literally sitting on the edge of my seat).

“So what happened to your spaceship?””
“What?? It broke? Again?”

Hearing that ‘again’ and seeing Ichika in the shirt that Kaito’s sister bought for her just made my day and after I stopped running around my room screaming and dancing like a crazy person here I am writing this, once again nothing less than a perfect end to a really awesome anime. 10/10 Congrats Ano Natsu…. congrats

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  1. Cely_belly says:

    You were right! Remon was MIB. I didn’t think the series would include the MIB, but I’m really glad they did. I wouldn’t mind a second season 😀 Personally, I gave it a 9. My heart score wasn’t a complete 10, but it was pretty close.

  2. Michelle says:

    I really like your blog!

    Do you read I think you’d like it!

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