CG: Nunnally in Wonderland First Impressions

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A few days ago, as usual I woke up and headed over to my favorite anime streaming site. First thing I did when I arrived there was to check for the recent anime updates (for the newest Naruto, Fairy Tail, One Piece etc) and saw something very… unexpected. Premiering on June 30th (subbed) was Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland. Seeing as the original Code Geass series is easily in my top 5 anime of all time I was obviously very excited. So there I went and clicked play…. and they could NOT possibly have destroyed my love for Lelouch (no homo) any more completely.

The plot is basically a spin-off of Alice in Wonderland with a comical and ecchi twist. Lelouch plays the role of Mad Hatter while Nunnally, C.C and Suzaku plays the roles of Alice, Chesire cat and the Knight of White respectively. All the other supporting characters have other mundane, sometimes even ironic roles (like Charles being the softspoken King of hearts).

To be honest after episode 1 I won’t even be giving the other episodes a second thought (update: its actually an ova so there aren’t any more episodes. Thanks to Son Gohan for pointing that out). Code Geass used to be a pleasant memory, it was always attributed in my mind with the tags ‘Kickass Story’, ‘Badass Main Charaters’, ‘Strategy worthy of praise by Light Yagami himself (Death Note) ‘ and ‘Huge robots kicking butt’. I now have to add ‘sappy characters’, ‘Fanservice’ and ‘Tries to hard to be funny’ to that list and believe me I want someone to pay!!! *HULK SMASH*.

Just as I mentioned with my review of Naruto SD I suppose it’s good at what it was intended to do. If they wanted a light, funny show then yea it does that, but I wish they would take the feelings of die hard fans of the original show into consideration. How would you feel if your favorite action anime’s characters was remade into a teletubbies remix. You would take a stone and hit the director in the head right? Well its a good thing he isn’t near me cuz imma throwing!

To be fair ill very quickly rate the other aspects of the show and stuff and try not to be too judgemental…. The plot is a simple brainless spoof of Alice in Wonderland so it won’t be getting much credit for that. The Artwork was similiar to the original series so pretty good. Music is childlike and slightly annoying but suits the show so I guess it works. Effectiveness, if you like the original Code Geass then its the most horrible thing you will ever see so 2/10. If you disliked it or never saw it then this one would be pretty good so 8/10. Hm, Ill just take an average of both ‘effectiveness’ scores here and use that as the overall.

Bottom line, if you love CG and want to keep on liking it then don’t bother.

poor C.C


Ps. have you ever seen such disgrace?
Plot                  6/10
Music                6/10
Artwork             9/10
Effectiveness     5/10

Overall           6/10


3 responses to “CG: Nunnally in Wonderland First Impressions”

  1. Fadeway says:

    Come on, this isn’t new – CG was chock-full of fanservice, and there were a few comedy – dedicated episodes as well (I don’t think you can even say it’s a bad thing to have comedy, unlike with fanservice).

    I’ve rewatched CG several times now and love it, and I found this special to be good as well. There were a ton of callbacks to the original show as well. 

  2. Son Gohan says:

    AFAIK there are no other episodes, this is a one-of thing.
    What I found disappointing was that this so-called OVA was basically a long “picture drama” with minimal animation.
    At least there were some funny scenes (the Suzaku vs Gino fight) and it’s always a pleasure to see these characters moving again, so it wasn’t all bad.

  3. Façade says:

    Okay, I must agree that my review was a bit harsh…I had just re-watched it and I guess I was feeling cheated. It had it’s good moments but overall I guess I didn’t like how much it felt… off. 

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