Spring… well Autumn Cleaning

November 4th, 2012 in Miscellaneous by

Hiya all! Just so you know right away this isn’t a review, tis a rant on internal affairs and whatnot so if you’re really not interested in that, I would suggest reading instead Droid’s Desert Punk Review. Okay, so I’ve been brainstorming alot recently about what to do now that my life has been swamped with… stuff, which unfortunately leaves me only time to eat and KO on my bed. And I have come up with a brilliant solution (inspired by this weeks episode of Bakuman [season 3 ep 5]). To put it simply, ‘blog more efficiently’.

Okay that was a bit vague so ill explain in more detail. Normally when writing and maintaining stuff I would set aside an hour or two and sit, boot up my pc, compose myself, think of all the awesome stuff I saw or thought about this week. Choose one which I think will be interesting, try to remember how my thought pattern was at the time and as soon as the wave hits me, start writing as it comes to mind. The downside to this is that I need at least an hour of uninterrupted time to get something that doesn’t look completely horrible and lately that hour has been hard to come by.

The solution I came up with was this, I recently got myself a new phone (Samsung Galaxy Note II) and thought heyy!!! With all the time I spend during the day either on a bus, or waiting for one thing or the other, I could totally blog! So as of today I shall be changing the internal workings’ to accommodate that. The process will be as follows:

  1. In the goal of being more mobile friendly those visiting from phones will see a nice clean mobile friendly layout :). (of course those using pc’s will see the usual site)
  2. Revamped, mobile friendly admin [This is mostly for me as only my awesome authors and I have backend access.]
  3. Will also do that much needed maintenance on InfinityAnime I’ve been putting off for ages. Will rewrite the entire site in python if I have to (damn spammers made me have to close down registration and whatnot).

While I am doing all this I will definitely not leave you all empty handed so every Monday Wednesday and Friday I shall be posting one of the many posts from The Droid (awesome writer) I have stashed in a folder somewhere. On Sundays I shall be writing about the progress done. And possibly at random intervals during the week if I’m not swamped with this blog’s spr.. autumn cleaning I shall write a post or two.

So yea, that’s the plan. If you read all that then… *references pic below*


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