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Today I’m going to attempt to review Trinity Blood but before we begin I would like to throw out there that this review will be affected by various factors. The first being that I watched it in french and while my ‘le français’ isn’t as bad as a monkey’s English it isn’t the most eloquent thing either thus I probably didn’t get as into the show as I could’ve. Secondly, before doing a general review I like to watch or re-watch (assuming it only stretches one or two seasons) the entire show in 2 – 3 sittings so that it’s fresh in my mind. This on the other hand I’ve been watching in groups of 2 – 3 episodes with extremely lenghty spans of time in between. So with that in mind, lets begin.

Trinity blood summed up is basically a poorly made Hellsing, okay maybe I shouldn’t use the word ‘poorly’ so instead I’ll call it a ‘lighter’ version of hellsing. I suppose that was a given as it was adapted from a light novel instead of an action packed anime but sigh, we have a potentially AWESOME protagonist with all the power he could possibly want with the personality of Vash the Stampede (Trigun) in a show with highly detailed artwork and a potentially awesome setting and they still found a way to screw it up.

The plot was unnecessarily complex and disjointed, we kept jumping from one thing to another and sometimes it seemed like we had 5 different people (with conflicting personalities) or at least one guy with a really serious case of multi-personality disorder directing individual parts of the show. But regardless here is what I believe the show was intended to be about:

*In my deepest movie commentary voice* In a Post Armageddon era the world is divided in two, one controlled by the Vatican (Humans) and the other Controlled by Methuselah (Vampires). But in the shadow we have a mysterious third organization trying to tip this precarious balance and cause chaos and destrution. Now the secret Vatican organization Rosen Kreuz who employs our protagonist Abel Nightroad (a Crusnik: vampire which feeds on vampires… ( so potentially cool rite)) along with other gifted priests, tries to find and stop this shadowy third party before the world is plunged in war and utter chaos!! *end of deep voice commentary*

I’m sure you’re thinking AWESOMEEEEEE!!! This sounds like the shiznit meng and well to be honest it does but… its like giving you a PS3 box for your birthday with only a Super Nintendo in it

And before you go all ‘retro games are fun’ on me..(;一_一)  Its broken.

For those of you who live on action scenes, don’t get your hopes up because I said the animation as cool. The scenes where this guy actually does fight (as rare and short as they are) the choreography… sigh, I lack the words to express how disappointing they were. Overall one could say this show was conceptually perfect but the exceution was extremely poor thus resulting in an automatic *facepalm* from me.

Conclusion. If you haven’t already seen it…. don’t bother. And if you happen to have bought the BluRay, started watching it, saw it was ridiculous, stopped, googled a review, stumbled on this website and saw that indeed it really is as crappy as you think. Please, suicide is not the answer.

Plot                  6.5/10  (good concept, poor exceution)
Music                7/10
Artwork             8/10
Effectiveness     4/10
Conclusion        7/10

Overall           6/10

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  1. Cely_belly says:

    lol okay I won’t bother watching this. You know French? :O

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