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September 4th, 2011 in Anime, Resources by

AnimeRecourceWelcome back to AniRecs Anime Blog, now, im sure as an anime lover you have one or two (or more) friends who u’re sure love anime ‘almost’ as much as you do, and at that dreadful moment when u need a new anime you wish they could be of more help in recommending a new series. Well what i have been using is one of the features of . Where you can list the anime you watch, give it a rating and that rating in itself it used to compile their own top anime list. Ive found it very usefull, at times when i need a new show to watch i simply paste on my facebook or twitter. ‘Okay, i need a new anime which is not here‘ (oh btw thats my list, if u join feel free to list your anime and add me as a friend).

Another cool feature is the ability to view the anime list and ratings of other users, and this other compatibility feature where you can see the likeness of your list and others. What i basically do with this is that i look for users with a high compatibly with my list then i look at their top ratings to see which i haven’t watched. This always works for me, using it for over 2 years now. Well to everyone, if u have time head over there, add your anime. Don’t forget to add your rating and add me as a friend ‘ronaldgrn’. Well thats it for today, njoy. oh and ps. this was not a paid advertisement, just sharing my favorite resource :), and unfortunately i feel lazy at times so i dont update it as much as i should.. so if one series is 5 or more eps behind.. just ignore it >.<

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    Do you know what the definition for Slice of life is?

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