Do You Remember Your “First Time”?

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B Gata H Kei

The original title of this show is “B Gata H Kei”, which translates out to “B-Cup Slut”, but since Americans are possessed of delicate sensibilities and should not be offended, it was appended with “Yamada’s First Time”, so now we can all enjoy this with no fear of revulsion.

The plot is fairly straightforward: The above maiden, 15-year old Yamada, has but a single goal: to sleep with 100 different men before she graduates. She is best described as oversexed, flirtatious and lustful, and is a very popular figure on campus. But she is a virgin, and this puts a bit of a crimp in her dreams as her standards has her turning down boys right and left who would jump at the chance to jump on her.

She decides that for her very first time, she needs to find the Golden Cherry (an inexperienced, virginal boy) and ends up setting her sights on Kosuda Takashi, a member of the photo club. However, Yamada’s insecurities have her pushing hard when she should take it easier and backing off when she should be moving forward. This creates all kinds of comedies of errors and loads of misunderstandings.

If the pursuit of Takashi was not hard enough, a pair of new rivals manifest themselves. The first comes forward as a childhood friend of Takashi, Mayu Miyano. She lives across the street from Takashi and has blossomed into a fine woman (read: she has bigger boobs than Yamada). Her own painful shyness prevents her from confessing her feelings to Takashi, but Yamada tries to take steps to neutralize her effect and remove her from contention.

The second rival arrives as a transfer student, Kyouka Kanejou. She is fantastically rich and is so beautiful that stars sparkle about her all the time. She loses out on a school beauty contest to Yamada, but that only drives her harder. She pretends to be sunshine and light, but has a mean and cruel side which she thinks no one sees. Kyouka decides that the best way to get at Yamada would be to steal away her boy friend, the now hopelessly confused Takashi.

Despite the nature of the show, it gets pretty goofy. How can you have sex with 100 guys if the thought of sex scares you? Yamada is constantly over-thinking herself, and even with the aid of her Eros God (and all the characters have one: that little voice telling you what to do), she still blows it (uh….misses her chances. She never gets to blow it).

There is a goodly amount of fan service here, but not as much as you might imagine. Sure, Yamada is showing off her boobs to Takashi and we do have the Missing Panties approach in one sequence, but it is tame compared to other shows. The language does get a bit brisk at times (depending on where you see it), but this is another show where words like “Intercourse!” slide right on through with nary a slowdown, but we will bleep ‘virgin’. And we do a half bleep, so it may be ‘BLEEPgin’ or ‘virBLEEP’.

Yes, there is another concern that I am intently watching a 15-year-old girl trying to have sex (and getting pretty close to it), but because of the whimsical nature of things, I don’t think it’s going to happen (at least, not for the first season).

First season? Yup, you’d better bet your last box of Ogre Brand Tissues that enough hints were dropped that Season Two is on the horizon. There is conflict, there is turmoil, there are unresolved feelings and emotions and desires and….she still hasn’t had any sex yet! It’s been four whole months! If it takes this long to get her first conquest, she’ll be ready for Social Security when she eventually reaches her goal.

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Artwork           8 (It all looks good)
Plot                  7 (Certainly a different one)
Pacing             7 (Can get a bit slowed by dithering)
Effectiveness   7 (Yamada can get frustrating)
Conclusion      6 (Stops, in anticipation of the second season)
Fan Service     6 (A similar show would “Mahoromatic”)

Overall            8  (again, the fall-short)

And remember, it’s first run until you’ve seen it. Oh, she’s showing me her boobies again.


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